5 Best Linux Distros for Programmers and Developers



 Best Linux Distros for Programmers and Developers

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Hi there, Welcome to Global Technology Updates. Today I am going to introduce you to the 5 best Linux Distros for Programmers and Developers. In this post, we will read about these Linux Distributions and get to know that why they are best for Programmers and Developers.

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As you already know that most of the developers like Linux for development of new applications. The major concern while choosing a Linux Distribution is its compatibility, performance, stability, and application software available for them.

In current time most of the peoples still use Windows and never think about using Linux is because of the complexity of Linux. But over time we have seen plenty of new Linux Distributions which are made for beginners. That means they are made just for the peoples who are going to use Linux for the first time.
As you know Linux is Open Source and hence, therefore, has a great community support from every location on earth. This community also helps to create awesome development tools for Linux and hence resulting in a large repository of applications. This application is mostly free and easily customizable by the user according to his choice. So Linux becomes an awesome platform to design your workplace as you like and keep your mind out of any distractions which makes it suitable for programming and development purpose.

Now that we have proved that Linux is best for Programming and Development, we will start our little journey of 5 Best Linux Distro for Programmers and Developers.

5 Best Linux Distros For Progammers and Developers

1] Ubuntu


Ubuntu is one of the most famous Linux Distribution for Development purpose. Due to the awesome support provided by 3rd Party, Open Source Community, Official Support, and various Forums, Ubuntu has become the centre point of all the Linux Distributions.

Ubuntu is also fairly popular for different types of works due to its various flavours releases. It gets frequent updates which help in fixing minor bugs and various vulnerabilities.

Why should you use Ubuntu for Programming and Development?

It has huge community support available 24*7 to help you with your every step. It has support for many .deb packages.

2] Debian GNU/Linux

Many Linux distributions use Debian as their base operating system, which means Debian is like a mother to them. It has major improvements in the latest stretch release, and the ongoing discussion in the forums about the best distro for programming and development the Debian Linux has a major place in the hearts of Developers.

But if you are a beginner developer this might be the suitable Linux Distro for you because it comes as a plain page which you have to customize according to your need. So if you are not familiar with Linux you are going to be very very confused.

Why should you use Debian for Programming and Development?

Debian is highly stable and fully customizable Linux Distribution which the developers can customize according to their convenience. And it also has the support of tons of Open Source goodies. It also has support for the .deb packages.

3] Fedora

Fedora is a Community-driven distribution, whose primary sponsor is Red Hat Inc. It is better known for delivering the most cutting-edge features in the world of Linux desktop. In the latest releases, it often inspires the other Linux distributions to adopt new features and make changes. Debian’s smart auto configuration and updated packages make it a perfect programming operating system for a developer and programmers. Fedora has a release cycle of 6 months. Upgrading from one version to another is also simple.

Why should you use Fedora for Programming and Development?

Fedora is fairly stable and it works mostly out-of-the-box on most hardware. Its small release always delivers cutting-edge features.

4] CentOS

If you loved Fedora (and RHEL) but you need something with long-term support then you need to use CentOS. CentOS is a community version of Red Hat but without any kind fee or support. Most of the commercial software built for RHEL can be made to run on CentOS as it’s compiled from RHEL sources. If you want to test the working of the server on Desktop then you should give a try to CentOS.

The installation and setup process of this Linux distro for programmers is very simple. To satisfy your various software needs, there’s the vast Red Hat Software Collections and CentOS repository.

Why should you use CentOS for Programming and Development?

CentOS is a solid Linux distro that’s perfect for programming. If you’re doing enterprise development, then this is the one for you.

5] Manjaro Linux

This is the last Distribution in our list of 5 Best Linux Distros for Programmers and Developers. Currently, in Distrowatch’s past 6 months ranking, it sits at #3. It’s very easy to install, just like Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Manjaro is the newest distro on this list and it’s growing at a fast pace. It does get frequent updates. But its development it getting very good with every release.

Why should you use Manjaro for Programming and Development?

If you love the power of Arch Linux and a stable distro that just works awesome, then give a try to Manjaro.

That is all in this post of 5 Best Linux Distros for Programmers and Developers. If you feel like I have missed something or I am wrong at any place please take some more time to comment it below.

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