Apps That are Helpful for Students in 2019

Well in this competitive Era, Student Life is not so easy. We have to track everything like Assignment, Lectures, Returning Books, Class Test, and many more things. Keeping Track of all of these tasks are nearly impossible. No matter how hard we try, we are often left with one of the task forgotten. So to help you with your Studies and your Day-to-day Student Life, we have put together a list of apps that can help you with all these tasks and remove some stress from your mind. So without any further ado let’s get started…

1] Monefy : Money Manager

How to track your expenses successfully? We know that it’s easy. You only need to add each expense you do… no more than that! And Monefy is going to help you. Just add new records when you are buying a coffee or taking a taxi. It’s done in one click because you don’t need to fill anything except the amount. It has never been so quick and enjoyable!

Do you own a phone and a tablet? Or you want to track expenses with your significant other? Monefy fits the best. You can safely synchronize data between all your devices. Create or change records, add new categories or delete old ones and they will be present on other devices right away!

  • Key features which make tracking enjoyable and powerful:
  • Intuitive and easy to use user interface. No redundancy
  • Add new records extremely fast
  • Handy widgets that could be used on the lock screen
  • Multi-currency support
  • See your spending distribution on the nice and informative chart or get detailed information from the records list
  • Manage categories if defaults do not work for you
  • Be safely synchronized using your own Google Drive or Dropbox account
  • Choose the reporting period
  • Backup and export data in one click
  • Use budget mode
  • Backup and export data in one click
  • Passcode protection
  • Multiple accounts support
  • Built-in calculator
  • No ads

Supported languages: English, Русский, 中文(繁體), 中文(简体), Deutsch, Español, Français, Українська, 한국어, Português, Türkçe, İtaliano, Hrvatski, Polski, Norsk, Română.

2] Coursera

Coursera connects students, professionals, and lifelong learners everywhere with free online courses from over 100 global universities and educational institutions, including Stanford and Yale. Browse courses and watch lectures from the best instructors anytime and anywhere – whether you’re interested in cuisine or computer science.

Learn anywhere with Coursera. Access more than 2,000 courses and Specializations developed by 140+ of the best colleges and universities in the world, and advance your career by mastering subjects from Python programming and data science to photography and music.

Learn from top instructors in an engaging learning experience:

• Browse courses in a variety of subject areas, from math to music, to medicine
• Stream lecture videos online any time, or download for offline viewing
• Earn Course and Specialization Certificates and share your success with the world
• Explore new degree programs from top universities from around the world

Advance your career in subjects like:

• Computer Science: Programming, Mobile, and Web Development
• Data Science: Machine Learning, Statistics, Probability, and Data
• Business: Accounting, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship
• Sciences: Robotics, Chemistry, Nutrition, and Medicine
• Art, including Design, Photography, Music, and Creative Writing
…and hundreds more!

3] Evernote – Android/iOS/Web, Free

A tool that allows you to capture a note or memo in any format (web clip of a product or service review for reference, a photo of a business receipt, audio file, or text meeting or handwritten notes).

Evernote helps you focus on what matters most and have access to your information when you need it. Input typed notes or scan handwritten notes. Add to-do’s, photos, images, web pages, or audio … and it’s all instantly searchable. Create notebooks, organizers, planners. Organize notes any way you want and share with anyone. And Evernote syncs your notes and notebooks across your devices so your information is always with you, everywhere you go.

“Use Evernote as the place you put everything … Don’t ask yourself which device it’s on—it’s in Evernote” – The New York Times

“When it comes to taking all manner of notes and getting work done, Evernote is an indispensable tool.” – PC Mag

• Write, collect and capture ideas as searchable notes, notebooks, memos, checklists, and to-do lists. It’s the only planner and organizer you need
• Keep journals, documenting the news, events, and milestones of your daily life
• Take notes and create notebooks in a variety of formats, including text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings and more
• Use camera capture to easily scan and comment on pieces of paper, including printed documents, business cards, handwriting, and sketches
• Attach Microsoft Office docs, PDFs and photos
• Create separate notebooks to organize your memos, receipts, bills, and invoices
• Use Evernote as a digital notepad, planner and easy-to-format word processor for all your thoughts and memos as they come

• Sync all your notes and notebooks automatically across any computer, phone or tablet
• Start your task working on one device and continue on another without ever missing a beat

• Create, share and discuss your notes and memos with the people who help get your work done, all in one app
• Get inspired and brainstorm creative ideas by working collaboratively
• Share your notes, notebooks, memos, journals, planner, an organizer with your friends, colleagues or family

• Keep up with lecture notes so you don’t miss a vital thought
• Use it as a planner and organizer to keep track of lecture notes, exams and assignments
• Create different notebooks and planners for each class and keep everything organized
• Keep track of your upcoming exams, assignments, and deadlines in your planner.
• Clip and highlight articles from the web for academic research
• Discuss and annotate notes, memos, and drafts

4] Oxford Dictionary – Android/iOS, Free

The mobile version of the Oxford University Press’ Oxford English Dictionary.


 • NEW! Stay up-to-date with the very latest words and expressions, brought to you by the most recent 2018 database update by the Oxford University Press.
• The very latest vocabulary, with over 350,000 words, phrases and meanings
• With tens of thousands of regionally specific entries, The Oxford Dictionary of English reflects the unique richness and global adaptability of English.
• Have the strength of The Oxford English Corpus’ research excellence at your fingertips.
• 75,000 audio pronunciations of both common and rare words, including those with varying pronunciations (Premium only)
• With a convenient Homepage, a sleeker and more intuitive visual layout, as well as innovations in the speed of searches you can delve right into the intricacies of English faster and easier than ever!
• Translate words while using other apps with our Tap to Translate feature.
• Learn and translate in style with one of four beautiful themes.

The Oxford Dictionary of English is the mobile app based on the original title by Oxford University Press and widely accepted as one of the highest authorities in the study of English with more than 150 years of research behind it. Regarded as one of the flagship products in MobiSystems’ large catalog of dictionaries the app features advanced search and language tools designed by a developer vastly experienced in the creation of dictionaries and learning tools.

Tailored to professionals, students, and academics, as well as anyone who needs a comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of current English at work or at home.

SEARCH TOOLS – effortlessly find words thanks to a clear, functional, and easy-to-use interface.

Designed to provide the most comprehensive search experience the dictionary combines several search tools to match or suggest what you are looking for, including:
• Search autocomplete helps you find words quickly by displaying predictions as you type
• Keyword lookup allows you to search within compound words and phrases
• Looking for a specific word but don’t know how it’s spelled? We’ve got you covered with our automatic ‘Fuzzy filter’ to correct word spelling, as well as ‘Wild card’ (‘*’ or ‘?’) to replace a letter or entire parts of a word
• Camera search looks up words in the camera viewfinder and displays results in seconds
• Use our Voice search when you don’t know how an entry is spelled
• Tap to Translate entries in other apps.
• Share word definitions via installed apps on your device

LEARNING TOOLS – engaging features that help you further enhance your vocabulary.

 • Designed to give you the freedom to structure your studies the way you see fit the ‘Favorites’ option allows you to create custom folders with lists of words from the vast library of entries
• ‘Recent’ list to easily review looked-up words
• Learn a new word every day with our ‘Word of the day’ option
• Home screen widget providing random words at a glance

5] Office Lens – Android/iOS/Windows, Free

This app from Microsoft takes pictures of documents, whiteboards, blackboards, magazines, receipts, and more and converts them into editable, shareable text. It can read images event from an angle and cleans up glare and shadows too.

Named one of the “Best Apps of 2015” in the U.S. and Puerto Rico by Google Play!

Office Lens trims enhances and make pictures of whiteboards and documents readable. You can use Office Lens to convert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files, and save to OneNote,  OneDrive, or your local device. 

Scan and upload all your notes, receipts, and documents. Increase your productivity by eliminating time spent looking for documents or business cards. Sketch your ideas and snap a picture for later. Whether you’re using it for business or education, Office Lens will help you save and share your documents in OneNote and OneDrive so you can all work together.

Office Lens is like a scanner in your pocket that allows you to scan and share classroom handouts and notes into OneNote and OneDrive. 
Scan the teacher’s handouts and annotate them in Word and OneNote.
Take a picture of the whiteboard or blackboard to reference later, even if you’re offline.
Keep class notes and your own research organized. OneNote’s search allows you to find everything for the test quickly.


BYJU’S is Indian’s largest educational app that has been successful in maintaining its demand amongst students. They input power into their content by adding good quality of animation, clear sound videos and non-plagiarised content. The team of BYJU’S consists of highly skilled people who transform the content into an easy and interactive format for the convenience of students. They also provide preparation material for CAT, GMAT, JEE, IAS, GRE, and AIPMT.

Come, fall in Love with learning!

BYJU’S-The Learning App is the world’s largest learning app for school students with 16 million registered students on its platform. The app offers comprehensive learning programs in Math and Science for students between classes 4th-12th. It also has test prep courses for competitive exams like CAT, NEET & JEE, IAS, GRE & GMAT etc.

The app has classes from India’s best teachers including Founder CEO, Byju Raveendran, using state of the art technology for visualization. BYJU’S in-house R&D team of 600+ members have completely developed the app in-house and are constantly working on making it even more engaging and effective. The latest version of the app personalizes learning based on the individual pace and style of learning of each and every student.

BYJU’S has developed an all-inclusive model, which breaks the clutter around rank holders making learning effective not just for the motivated students, but for everyone. The BYJU’S learning programs have been designed to make ‘every’ student fall in love with learning and not for the ‘toppers’ only.

Features (School Learning):
• Learn – From engaging video lessons and personalized learning journeys designed by BYJU’S Rockstar R&D Team.
• Test – Practice to perfection with chapter wise tests that are customized to the learning requirement of every student.
• Analyze – The app runs an in-depth analysis based on customized tests and personalized learning paths adopted by the student. View detailed analysis of your progress and performance to plan better and improve your performance.
• Revise – Each module offers revision and practice sessions for students to perfect their understanding of concepts and help them excel in their examinations.
• For exams and beyond – The modules are planned in a way that it provides complete coverage of all state-level Boards, ICSE and CBSE syllabus for classes 6-10 and complete IIT JEE Preparation and AIPMT Preparation for classes 11-12.

Features (Competitive Exam prep)
For CAT Aspirants, get video lectures directly from Byju and PN Santosh (CAT 100 percentilers) themselves and complete test series (over 200 chapter-wise tests) and 20 Full-Length Mocks.

For IAS aspirants, get tricks and tips from IAS toppers to crack the CSAT GS Prelims and Mains. Also be up to date with updated current affairs videos, weekly current affairs quizzes. Watch simple and engaging video lectures on all topics from our expert IAS faculty.

Latest Features!
Knowledge Graphs – Exhaustive Knowledge Graphs provide students with customized recommendations to understand concepts better.
Practice – Feature offers warm up, run and sprint mode for every concept. This unique feature allows students to test at their own pace and based on their level of understanding.

7] Simplilearn : PAID APP

Simplilearn is another education app from India. It is an application that works on the requirements of companies and provides training to professionals to achieve the best in their career race. The team at Simplilearn is expert in providing business courses, technology courses and courses by the vendor.

Simplilearn is where you will find high-quality online courses and free learning resources such as articles, webinars, ebooks and more — all catered to your career needs.

With over 400 courses, Simplilearn has fast-tracked over 500k careers and delivered over $5Bn in salary-hikes till date. Courses include PMP, Big Data, Hadoop, Digital Marketing, Android, Cloud, Scrum Master, Analytics and many more.

Now download all your course contents on the Simplilearn mobile app and study even when you do not have internet. Learn whenever, wherever you want.

The all-new “Career Edge” brings to you hundreds of free learning resources authored by industry experts. Now stay updated with the latest trends, insights, and tips in your industry with the Career Edge section in your Simplilearn mobile app.

The Simplilearn app is designed to help working professionals balance their busy work lives with their career needs. Our courses come with high-quality audio and visual e-learning content, chapter-end quizzes, simulation exams, downloadable e-books and more.

8] NCERT Solution

NCERT is the main course in CBSE board. Considering the stiff schedule of students, NCERT Solution application was designed. This app includes all NCERT book solutions and popular reference books. The best part of this app is that it comes with No Ads, which helps students in concentrating better. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad users.

With the super convenient offline mode, you can save all NCERT Solutions. Once downloaded, you can access solutions, for all NCERT books and reference books through NCERT solutions app even when you have no internet access 🙂

  • All NCERT Books & Reference Books covered!
  • Question-wise solutions with video explanations make learning simpler.

The list of books covered in this app

Class 1 to 5:
NCERT textbook solutions, Science in Everyday Life, Active Science, Basic Science, and Frank CCE Everyday Science, Vasant Bhag 1, 2, 3 Hindi Solution; Durva Bhag 1, 2, 3

Class 6:
Class 6 Maths: NCERT Maths Solutions, RD Sharma solutions, RS Aggarwal solutions
Class 6 NCERT Science Solutions, Science in Everyday Life, Active Science, Basic Science and Frank CCE Everyday Science
Class 6 Hindi Solutions: Bal Ram Katha (6)
Class 6 English Solutions: Honeysuckle, A pact with the Sun
Class 6 Social Science Solutions: Social and Political Life, Longman Panorama Geography, Ratna Sagar History, Civics, and Geography solutions

Class 7:
Class 7 Maths: NCERT Maths Solutions, RD Sharma Solutions, NCERT Solutions, RS Aggarwal Solutions
Class 7 Science: NCERT Science Solutions, Science in Everyday Life, NCERT textbooks solutions, Basic Science and Frank CCE Everyday Science solutions
Class 7 English Solutions: Honeycomb, An Alien Hand
Class 7 Social Science solutions: Our Environment, Longman Panorama Geography, Class 7 Ratna Sagar History, Civics, and Geography solutions
Class 7 Hindi Solutions: Bal Mahabharat Katha solutions

Class 8:
Class 8 Maths Solutions: RD Sharma solutions, NCERT Solutions, RS Aggarwal solutions
Class 8 Science solutions: Science in Everyday Life, NCERT solutions, Basic Science and Frank CCE Everyday Science solutions
Class 8 Social Science Solutions: Resources and Development
Class 8 Hindi Solutions: Bharat Ki Khoj
Class 8 English Solutions: Honeydew, It So Happened for English

Class 9:
Class 9 Maths Solutions: RD Sharma solutions, NCERT Solutions, RS Aggarwal solutions
Class 9 Science Solutions: Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur Physics, Chemistry and Biology Solutions
Class 9 Hindi Solutions: Kshitij, Kritika, Sparsh, Sanchayan Bhag 1
Class 9 Social Science Solutions: NCERT Solutions, Democratic Politics Part 1, India and the Contemporary World Part I, Economics, Understanding Economic Development
Class 9 English Solutions: Main Course book solutions, Literature Reader, Beehive, Moments

Class 10:
Class 10 Maths Solutions: Class 10 RD Sharma Solutions, NCERT Solutions, RS Aggarwal Solutions
Class 10 Science Solutions: Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur Physics, Chemistry and Biology Solutions
Class 10 Social Science Solutions: Democratic Politics Part II, India, and the Contemporary World Part II, Contemporary India Part II, Economics, Understanding Economic Development
Class 10 English Solutions: First Flight, Footprints Without Feet

Class 11 and 12 Textbooks include:
English Solutions: Hornbill, Woven Words, Snapshots
Economics Solutions: T R Jain and V K Ohri, Indian Economic Development, Statistics for Economics, Sandeep Garg, N M Shah
Class 11 & 12 Physics Solutions: H C Verma Part 1 and Part 2 solutions, Physics Part I & II solutions
Class 11 & 12 Chemistry Solutions: Chemistry Part I & Chem Part II
Class 11 & 12 Biology NCERT Solutions
Class 11 & 12 Maths solutions: NCERT, solutions RD Sharma XI solutions
Class 11 & 12 Accountancy Solutions: Double Entry Bookkeeping T S Grewal 2015, Double Entry Book Keeping TS Grewal 2014, Financial Accounting Part I, Financial Accounting Part II, TS Grewal (2013 Edition), Accountancy DK Goel (2015)
Other Books: Business Studies NCERT Solutions, Introducing Sociology, Understanding Society, Psychology NCERT solutions, Political Science solutions: Political Theory, Indian Constitution at Work, Themes in World History

9] Tutorialspoint – Android Apps on Google Play

Enjoy full strength of tutorialpoint through your Android Devices. This App gives you easy access on almost 150 high quality tutorials including Ajax, HTML, HTML-5, CSS, XML, GWT, JSF, Perl, Python, Ruby, jQuery, jQueryUI, Bootstrap, JAVA, JSON, AWT, ANT, EJB, Unit, JMeter, JFreeChart, Lucene, Android, iPhone Development, JDBC, MySQL, SQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, C, C++, C#, Objective C, D, JCL, LISP, MATLAB, Pascal, Tcl/Tk, QC, QTP, Software Testing, Six Sigma, Selenium, Data Mining, E-Commerce and many more tutorials available at

Sorry but people having an expectation that this App will provide complete content offline should not install the app because it’s not possible to ship an app having complete tutorialspoint content offline. We are providing this App to make it easy to have access on tutorialspoint from your screen directly and you do not need to type a URL every time.

Just install this application and start reading any of the tutorials available JUST FOR FREE.

10] Wunderlist

To-do lists are to productivity as free food is to college students — they always attract. Wunderlist lets you not only create those magic lists, but you can organize sub-lists, make notes on different tasks, and share/collaborate lists with friends. You can even create separate to-do lists for work and home.

Wunderlist helps millions of people around the world capture their ideas, things to do and places to see. Whether you’re sharing a grocery list with a loved one, working on a project, or planning a vacation, Wunderlist makes it easy to share your lists and collaborate with everyone in your life. Wunderlist instantly syncs between your phone, tablet, and computer, so you can access your lists from anywhere.

“The best to-do list app.” – The Verge

Wunderlist has also been featured in The New York Times, Lifehacker, TechCrunch, CNET, The Guardian, Wired, and Vanity Fair, just to name a few.

Key Wunderlist Features:
• Create all the lists you need and access them from your phone, tablet, and computer
• Easily share lists and collaborate with family, friends, and colleagues
• Start conversations about your to-dos
• Attach photos, PDFs, presentations and more
• Share the work and delegate to-dos
• Setting a Reminder ensures you never forget important deadlines (or birthday gifts) ever again
• Organize your projects for home, work and everywhere in between with Folders

11] HiPER Scientific Calculator

Perhaps you don’t have hundreds of dollars to blow on a calculator. Or maybe you left yours in the dorm. These apps are handy with trig functions and graphing capabilities alike.

HiPER Scientific Calculator is a popular calculator with rapidly growing downloads and high user ratings.

The calculator has 15 digits of significand and 3 digits of exponent in its free version and up to 100 digits of significand and 9 digits of exponent in HiPER Calc Pro. It detects repeating decimals and numbers can be also entered as fractions or converted to fractions.

The Pro version has the “expression” mode in which you can write expressions in a natural way and watch your calculations. The result is displayed as a number, simplified expression etc.

The calculator has several layouts suitable for various screen sizes:

  • “pocket” for small devices
  • “compact” for smartphones (in portrait and landscape orientation)
  • “expanded” for tablets

A multiline display can be turned on in tablets to show the complete history of calculations and to provide access to the previous results.

Users can choose from several high-quality themes.

The calculator has many functions, such as:

  • basic arithmetic operations including percentage, modulo, and negation;
  • fractions (in Pro version any expression including nested fractions can be entered as a numerator and a denominator);
  • mixed numbers;
  • periodic numbers and their conversion to fractions;
  • unlimited number of braces;
  • operator priority;
  • repeated operations;
  • variables and symbolic computation (Pro);
  • calculation details (Pro);
  • complex numbers (Pro);
  • conversion between rectangular and polar coordinates (Pro);
  • advanced number operations such as random numbers, combinations, permutations, common greatest divisor, etc.;
  • trigonometric and hyperbolic functions;
  • powers, roots, logarithms, etc.;
  • degrees, minutes and seconds conversion;
  • fixed point, scientific and engineering display format;
  • enter and display exponent as SI units prefix;
  • memory operations with 10 extended memories;
  • clipboard operations with various clipboard formats;
  • result history;
  • binary, octal and hexadecimal numeral systems;
  • logical operations;
  • bitwise shifts and rotations;
  • haptic feedback;
  • more than 90 physical constants;
  • conversion among 200 units;
  • Reverse Polish notation.

The calculator has many settings to manage the full-screen mode, decimal and thousand separators, etc.

All features are described with built-in help.

I hope you got to know about Some Useful apps that are meant for Students.

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