8 Best Free Music Players for Android in 2018

8 Best Free Music Players for Android in 2018

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Hi there & welcome to Global Technology Updates. In this post, we are going to go through the 7 Best Free Music Players for Android in 2018. In this, we will cover all those Music Players with a great look and awesome features. Some of these Music players are available on Play Store and some of them are picked up from XDA Forum. The important similarity between all these Music Players is that they are all available for Free.

In the world of smartphones, most of the smartphones come with preinstalled Stock Music Player. Some of the manufacturers like Xiaomi and Sony have beautifully designed UI with stock Music Player too. But with the regular use, they get old and make us feel bored. So to counter that situation we need to get our eyes on something new or we can say that a new Music Player. Obviously, you would go to the Play Store to download it but there we find a whole lot of them and we get confused or end up downloading the ugliest one.

So to help you in such situation we have put together a list of 7 Best Free Music Players for Android in 2018. In this list most of the Music Players are Light Weight, so they will work fine on old smartphones too.

7 Best Free Music Players for Android in 2018

1] Sony Music Player : Available on XDA

This app is not available in Play Store but you can easily find it on XDA Forum. This app is similar to Sony’s Stock Music Player app but is ported to other devices. You do not need to root your device in order to use this you can just install it as a normal .apk file.

Key Features

Neat and Clean Design
No effect on Audio Quality
Many Gestures
Smooth Animations


2] Pulsar Music Player

This Music Player is totally free more so ever it is lightweight. It is also ad-free. It has awesome UI design but is yet simple to use. There are plenty of animations to make your device look cooler. You can use various themes to customize its look.
The app also provides support for features like Chrome cast Support, tag-editor, gapless playback etc.


Total Downloads : 1 Million Download
Rating : 4.6
Size : 2.8 MB


3] Musicolet

Musicolet is also one of the most famous Music Player. It is also lightweight and is ad-free. It has tons of features to play with. It has attractive UI and the UI is also user-friendly. The most used options are easily accessible on the front. It supports headphone gestures like press button one time to play and pause the Music and etc. The list of features includes an equalizer, tag editor, lyrics support, sleep timer, widgets and more.


Total Downloads : 500 Thousand
Rating : 4.7
Size : 2.1 MB


4] Pi Music Player

It is among the one of the most downloaded and highly rated Music Player on Play Store. On startup, it gives you few theme options to choose from. Like other Music Player, it is also lightweight, has tons of features and animations. Its UI will make you fall in love with it. Pi Music Player comes with Widget support, Sleep Timer, Ringtone Cutter and more. Its 5-band built-in equalizer lets you enjoy any kind of music with 3D Reverb Effects, Bass Boost, Virtualizer and amazing presets.
It is not ad-free. You have to make a purchase to make it ad-free.


Total Downloads : 10 Million
Rating : 4.8
Size : 4.8 MB


5] Photograph Music Player

Photograph Music Player is a great Music Player for its Material Designed UI. The best thing about the UI is that it changes dynamically according to the song’s banner image. It is lightweight, full of features and highly customizable with its own theme engine. It can download missing song information automatically or you can use the built-in tag editor.


Total Downloads : 1 Million
Rating : 4.4
Size : 3.9 MB


6] Black Music Player

Black Music Player gives a tough competition to the other Music Players in every way. It is lightweight, full of features and provides an option to customize the UI. Along with these features it has Equalizer, Tag Editor, Virtualizer, Gapless Playback, Themes etc. The Free version is a trial version for two weeks after that you have to buy it from Play Store.


Total Downloads : 5 Million
Rating : 4.5
Size : 6.7 MB


7] n7player Music Player

n7player Music Player has an innovative surface search and a stylish UI where you can simply zoom in and out to see any song you desire. Through graphical improvements on its media library, you can look for any song within the various views.

The free version is a trial version for two weeks after that you have to buy it from Play Store.


Total Downloads : 10 Million
Rating : 4.5
Size : 11 MB


8] Musixmatch

This one is awesome Music Player but stands in last due to in-app-ads and large size. The most amazing feature it has is lyrics viewer. In the whole app, the development is just focused to improve the lyric viewer. And all that focus worked out great for the app. It is most preferred Music Player in case you want to read the lyrics.


Total Downloads : 50 Million
Rating : 4.5
Size : 11 MB

This was the last Music Player on our list. If you think of any other Music Player I forgot to add or something I have missed in this article please take a moment to comment it down below.


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