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Hello Visitors, Welcome to Global Technology Updates and today’s post we are going to show you what are best places available to learn HTML and CSS online. As we know that everybody want to make their own site and want to style it, but for this work you should be basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, because HTML is basic building block of any website. Today’s online internet economy various type of Website is available which helps you to create/make your own website in just few minutes without any coding, but this is not good idea to make a website without writing code to yourself, you must know about HTML and CSS as a basic level.

Let’s see what are the best site where from you can learn HTML and CSS with best practice. This are all website covers every type study content which are very important to enhance you skill in HTML and CSS, even if you stuck at any point and you are getting trouble to find out your solution so this website might be helpful for you.

1] Codecademy


Codecademy is one of most popular learning platform where you can learn tiny bites about HTML and CSS, To start learning through this platform you have to sign with you email and you can go for your aim to enhance you skill to next level.

2] HTML Cheat Sheet


HTML Cheat Sheet has cover majority portion of HTML to enhance you skill, it describes full list of all HTML elements along with description, code example and much more thing. Even if you can download your work which done by you as in PDF format.

3] General Assemply Dash


This Website covers each and every HTML tag and CSS concepts. You will build real world project through this website and enhance your coding skill to the next level. When you will reach till the end to the course you will be awarded by certificate.

4] CSS Cheat Sheet


If you are going to learn CSS so this website might be helpful for you. There are a lots of terms and technical tags are available in css and they are not easy to recall off the top of your head so basically you do not have to worry about it, this website will work for you and will enhance your CSS skill to the next level.

5] Lynda


It provides thousands of courses online on various topics, including HTML and CSS where from you can learn about HTML and CSS. If you will take monthly subscription so you will get HTML and CSS related lectures/video provided by Lynda. Where if you sign up for a premium membership which gives you access to project files even if you can download lectures/video to your PC.

6] CSS Tricks


This website launched in 2007 and when this site was all about css but now this website has covered majority of content which are related to HTML and CSS. When you will stuck anywhere during coding into HTML and CSS and try to find out your solution then that time this website might be very useful for you.

7] W3Schools


W3Schools is very useful website for developer and student who want to gain a deep knowledge of HTML and CSS. W3Schools is an open book to learning about HTML and CSS as well as my language through this site free of cost. If you want to take certificate of completion your course in HTML so you have to pay approx $95.

8] Web Design Weekly


By entering just email address you will be notified with awesome links to the best news and articles to hit the interweb during the week. It is not any types of spam and rambling, it just pure help you to enhance you coding skill.

9] CSS Wizardry


This site will help you to solve your problem related to CSS and whatever you are getting trouble to solve difficulty. There you will get great tools and services which makes you coding experiences much better. CSS is easy to learn but difficult to master it will take time to become a professional develop in CSS.

10] Jen Simmons Lab


This website presents the latest CSS properties and style tag and you can use them in practical ways. If you want to make awesome things with CSS and you are able to do this, this website will help you to get much professional content and ways to reach the aim.

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