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Hello guys, Welcome to Global Technology Updates and once again we brought a nice post for you in which we have listed some plenty mobile application which are all about voice recording with some best features. You are all know that is one of the most handy features of any android mobile phone is ability to record yourself. Most of Musicians may want to record new idea as well as song, journalists need to record interview and much more things. Guys here one good news is that you do not have to go to buy any type of voice recorder from market place like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart or super market because your smartphone can do this work for you and record voice with some extra features.

Hey! guys, you are thinking what you have to do now to take advantage of voice recording from your smartphone,for that just we have listed a great list of popular voice recorder below , you have to check out them and prefer your best voice recorder.

Let’s get started without any further discussion.

7 Best Voice Recorder Application For Android

1] Call recorder

Highlights of the App:

Downloads: more than 10 million
Size:3.7 MB (Approx)
Developed by: Green Apple Studio

Auto Call recorder is one of the best call recorder with extra features, this call recorder allows you to record incoming as well as outgoing call,Call recorder is automatic call recorder but it gives us a feature in which we can decide which call will be recorded or not which is very handy feature of call recorder application. Here under you will see some other function like Call recorder application will record your call automatic, organise your call records and you can see your call recording list with option such as group by names, list by time or group by dates.It allows us to save our recording files into SD card and we can further listen recorder apps gives us best features like recording incoming and outgoing calls, we can search to find out recordings, can multiple selects to easily delete those recordings, we can set password to protect privacy as well as white list and blacklist features is also available in this application.

2] Easy Voice Recorder

Highlights of the App:

Downloads: more than 10 million
Size:5.5 MB (Approx)
Developed by: Gigipom

Easy Voice Recorder is also a popular call recorder which is our best companion to record our call recordings.It allows us to keep our recordings, capture meetings, personal notes, songs and much more things.Easy Voice Recorder android application is made for Student, business, musicians and for everyone who want to record call and much more things.Easy Voice Recorder will record high-quality Pulse Code Modulation audio and MP4 and it will use Adaptive Multi-Rate compress format to save space in your device storage.It gives handy widgets and shortcuts to start new recording.You can share your recording through email, and share recording files as ringtone.Easy Voice Recorder have both Light and Dark theme which are cool feature of it.

3] Hi-Q MP3 voice Recorder

Highlights of the App:

Downloads: more than 1 million
Size:3.9 MB (Approx)
Developed by: Audiophile

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is versatile voice recorder supports Google Drive and Dropbox to save your recording with auto-sync.This is high-quality voice recorder application which supports high-fidelity 44KHz audio sampling.It has simple widgets and navigation button by which you can easily record voice.It has simple and Reliable feature which gives us more handy to use it.Recorded audio file will be saved automatic to Dropbox or Google Drive.It has Home Screen Widgets and other Quality Option, you can easily customize audio quality with this feature in which you change bit rate up to 320 kbps.Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder has Wi-Fi transfer and Wi-Fi Hotspot features in which we can transfer our recorded audio files into our PC or Laptop.

4] Music Maker Jam

Highlights of the App:

Downloads: more than 10 Million
Size:85 MB (Approx)
Developed by: JAM Just Add Music GmbH

Music Maker Jam is one of the most popular audio recording android application for musicians.It will do right job for you which are all related to audio recording and makes your recorded audio file much better. You can create remix sound with it and share your personal experiences on social networks or worldwide audience.Music Maker Jam gives us most popular 300 plus mix packs to choose audio and make it much better such as we want.

5] Otter Voice Notes

Highlights of the App:

Downloads: more than 50 thousand
Size:4.9 MB (Approx)
Developed by: AISense Inc.

Otter Voice Notes is user-friendly note-taking android application in which you can easily record your voice, Otter Voice application easily creates voice notes which can be easily modified and combined with audio, transcription, speaker identification and inline photos. Otter Voice helps to business people, journalist as well as students. Ottar Voice Notes android application gives us to store recorded audio files to unlimited cloud storage. Ottar Voice Audio Recorder uses internal mic to record voice, see your transcription in real-time, you can edit or customise your recorded files easily. Ottar Voice Notes take security and privacy seriously to protect your data and stores into cloud storage.

6] SnipBack – Smart Voice Recorder

Highlights of the App:

Downloads: more than 10 thousand
Size:5.7 MB (Approx)
Developed by: Cosmic Pie Design

SnipBack is popular voice recorder, this is not ordinary, old voice recorder, this is the smart evolution for android application. It has the better navigation and widgets to take advantage of this app, by clicking on RECORD voice, we can easily record any type of voice which we want to listen again and again in past, and this job SnipBack will do for us.It has the beautiful interface by which every user attract with it and it gives us to many features.It will produce clean and high-quality mp3 recording files, we can easily arrange our recorded files in sessions and can be customize quality of recorded audio files.

7] Voice Recorder 2018

Highlights of the App:

Downloads: more than 100 thousand
Size:5.0 MB (Approx)
Developed by: HIGH TECH

Voice Recorder might be popular voice recorder because it produce high-quality recording audio files and this application uses the high-quality 8-4.1 KHz sample rate to generate quality audio files.It has simple User Interface to navigate its function. Voice Recorder have many more features which makes it better.It supports mp3, ogg audio format and it has Play, Pause, Stop, button to execute regarding task.It gives us best widgets to delete our recorded files right from the app.It has audio spectrum analyzer and easy to us recordings list.
Another best feature is that recording in background even when mobile display is off.


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