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Hello Guys, Welcome to Global Technology Update and once again we brought awesome article for you in which we have described about most popular websites where from you can easily download royalty and copyright free images without any cost. As we know that beauty of any website depends on its look and there is no doubt images or pictures are  very important for website’s design or blog. And this is not possible to click the best picture every time while writing a post or article. Therefore, people search for images on the internet that are free of cost and copyright under CC.

Some creative people worked and made few beautiful website where from you can get royalty-free images with tag. This makes the search task very easy for people. Let’s see what are the best possible website are available on internet where from you can get or download royalty-free images.

1] Negative Space

Negative Space is one the most popular website to download royalty-free images. On Negative Space website, every week more than 20 free stock photos posted without any copyright restriction. Negative Space has good quality of images and here you can get Abstract, Animals, Architecture, Business, Black & White, Food, Landscapes, Nature, People, Sport, Street, Technology, Transport, and Work like images.

2] Pexels

Pexels has more than 25,000 free stock photos and let me tell for your information, here more than 3,000 new high-resolution photos are added every month on Pexels. This is very large image platform where from you can get your desired pictures. There are many photographer which makes their work public.


StockSnap large image community which provides highest quality and highest resolution pictures on the internet. They adds pictures to the database on regularly basis. This is a community and they want to make it better and popular community for photographers who want to share their work with the world.

4] Pixabay

Pixabay is well known website to download free or royalty-free images. Pixabay is good source of royalty-free stock images and videos, most pictures and videos are released free of copyrights under CC. If you want to share you work with this website so you have to sign up and after that you can share your work with them.

5] Kaboom Pics

Kaboom Pics is also a best website to get breathtaking free pictures/images for business or personal purpose and for your daily work on internet. With the help of hashtag you can easily find out image what you want to get or download.

6] Life of Pix

Life of Pix has a great collection of royalty-free images which are available to download easily. Every week Life of Pix uploads thousands of new high-resolution images to database. To download images or video you have to make a VIMEO ACCOUNT of Life of Pix.

7] LibreShot

LibreShot provides images for personal and commercial use and anybody can use images without any attribution. LibreShot have categorized images in their respective fields. So , you can easily find out your desired image what you want.

8] Unsplash

Unsplash also has a great collection of royalty-free images where from you can get desired image or picture. You can do whatever you want with these images or pictures which are provided by Unsplash because all images under Creative Commons CC.

9] Rawpixel

On Rawpixel you will get Yoga or Technology related images as well as it updates their database with fresh images every day and here you can get images or pictures under CC. This website is very useful for those websites which are related to Technology and Yoga because they can use images free of cost.

10] Picjumbo

Picjumbo has two types of membership one is Free and other is Premium by using one them you can get more high-resolution images from it. There are many categories on Picjumbo. You can keep image from any of them.

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