Beware! Taking Screenshot of Someone’s Instagram Story? They will get Notified.

Beware! Taking Screenshot of Someone’s Instagram Story? They will get Notified.

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Global Technology Updates

Hi there and Welcome to Global Technology Updates. In current time social media has become a very common place to share your emotions and what’s going on in your life and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. provide great ways to do so. But doing so increases chances of insecurity of one’s Life so it is good if you know who is watching over you through your social media activities and what they do of those details that you share on social media so to do so Instagram has introduced a new feature.

The new feature is quite awesome, according to Instagram from now on If someone takes a screenshot of your story, then the person to whom the story belongs will get notified about this action. So in this way you have more control over what’s you sharing and with whom you are sharing.

Everyone thinks that the new feature introduced is quite spectacular but this feature also binds many users from their way of using Instagram because most of the users like to keep a screenshot of a particular person’s story. It is a different thing that what they do with that screenshot. It might be good for someone or can be bad.

With this latest update, we can say that Instagram is focusing towards the security of its users. But no one knows that how this major step is going to affect the usability of this popular social platform

But still, we think its a test feature and will take some time to be made available to everyone. Till then we will wait and wait and wait for the next big update from some big company and a new Article regarding it on this Website(Global Technology Updates).


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Global Technology Updates

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