Can i sell my products on meesho?

i can sell my products on meesho

Can i sell my products on meesho?

Why not? of course you can sell your products on meesho. for that you just have to register yourself as a meesho seller and you will be able to sell your products online to thousands of people who shop from meesho

What is the process to become a seller on meesho?

Here are some easy steps to register yourself as a meesho seller:-
  1. Firstly visit
  2. Enter your phone number and email ID.
  3. Enter your GST and bank account.
  4. Complete your registration.

This is how you can create an account on meesho and list the products you are willing to sell online but make sure you have your active bank account and your GSTIN number and you will be joining lakhs of suppliers out there.

How to become reseller on meesho?

Being a reseller you can work from home and earn profits on each product by sharing listed products on meesho either with your social network or on social media there are n number of products on meesho by which you can pursue.

The registration process of being a seller or a reseller is quite similar details are provided above👆

Can I sell on meesho without GST?

No, you cannot sell on meesho or any other online selling platform without GST but you can reduce output liability tax for GST (Goods and service tax) by TCS credit.

(TCS) –

Under GST Tax collected at source (TCS) means the text collected by any e- commerce operator from the consideration received by it on behalf of the supplier of goods or services who supplies products through any online platform. TCS will be charged as a percentage on the net taxable suppliers

(TCS) credit –

TCS is the credit of tax collected by the government (operator) which is created to the cash ledger of the supplier who have supplied the goods/products or services through the operator

(TCS)credit received –

When the supplier claims and receive the credit of tax collected by the government which reflects in his cash ledger is called TCS credit received.

You can fill your TCS credit form by logging in to the GST portal and provide details that they ask for.

If you want to be a seller on meesho firstly you have to register yourself under GST and get a GSTIN number
  1. Visit https:// clear /S/GST- registration- page- meesho.
  2. Press on “buy now”.
  3. Fill in your email id, phone number, name, state from which city you are conducting your business is and complete the payment.
  4. Fill in your pan number, Aadhar card, proof of business or incorporation certificate, identity and address, proof of promoters or directors with photograph, address of the business, bank account statements or cancelled cheque, digital signature, letter of authorisation or brand resolution for authorised signatory and lastly no objection certificate from the owner of the property.
    After completing this whole process you will be getting your GSTIN number.
  5. Find IFSC code’ in case you are facing problem in finding the IFSC code of your bank and branch provide your bank name branch location details and click on the verify button to move ahead double check your details and one’s verified press on continue to proceed.
  6. Clear text will help you in your GSTIN form submission and application reference number.

You will get your GST in details on your email id pick the relevant information and complete your registration on me show and start selling.

Is reselling on meesho profitable?

Reselling on meesho is always profitable.

To be a reseller on meesho is an another way to run your business without any investment and earn more and more of profits on each purchase of product. you can create your reseller account on meesho whenever you want without any lengthy online processes and you are also free to stop your reselling business whenever you want.

Also you don’t have to go anywhere to sell your products you can sell your products online by being a reseller on meesho you don’t have to convince people to buy the products listed on meesho.

Being a reseller you will be your own Boss.

What facilities does meesho provide to its sellers?

Meesho give their sellers supplier rewards for the first 30 days of registration including a dedicated catalogue manager and free catalogue visibility by running advertisement there is no order cancellation charges.

meesho provides selling tools like ads that helps product visibility and boost E-Commerce sale.Meesho does not charge any penalty on late dispatch of products on sellers.

Meesho welcome everyone even if it is a small seller or an unbranded or branded seller to grow there business

How much meesho charge from seller?

Meesho does not even cost a single penny on registration as a meesho seller it is totally free of cost to create your account and getting your products listed. also you will get to keep your 100% of sale price with zero charges either on payment gateway or on cash on delivery orders on meesho.

How to set margin on meesho?

Margin is simply the profit that you will earn as a seller on meesho. it is the amount that will be added on to the price of the product at which customers buy their product.

suppose the price listed on meesho of a product is rs 400 and you want to sell the product at a higher price then the listed price and you sell it for rs 450 so 50 will be your margin or profit

  1. Select the list of the products.
  2. Select the product you want to sell.
  3. Click on ADD TO CART.
  4. Select the size and quantity of the product.
  5. Go back to cart.
  6. Choose your payment method.
  7. Enter the pin code of your customer to include the. shipping charges and then click check.
  8. Then you will see the total price which will include. shipping and product charges both.
  9. Click the proceed button.
  10. You can select the existing details or can add a new one.
  11. Again click the proceed button.
  12. Now you have to enter the final amount that you want your customer to pay that amount will include product charges + shipping charges + your margin once the order gets confirmed you can place the order on behalf of your customer.
  13. Payment will be deposited directly to your bank account following a 7 day payment cycle from order delivery and also including cash on delivery orders.

How does meesho sell so cheap?

  1. Easy entry and exit-
    As we have discussed earlier registration on meesho as a seller is super effortless process by the help of which weather it is a small scale business or a larger scale business can easily become a seller on meesho which increases competition that directly affects the product prices.
  1. Quality –
    The quality of products you will find on Amazon and Flipkart is way better than the quality of products you will find on meesho it is also because the increase in competition between the sellers on meesho and you cannot get that high quality in such low prices.
  2. Competition-
    As stated earlier meesho have n numbers of sellers and the more the sellers are available on the platform the more the competition will be there. As the number of seller increases day by day the other sellers are forced to lower the prices of their products.
  3. Customer behaviour-
    As you all know other online platforms like Flipkart and Amazon cell high quality products and cannot sell cheap quality products otherwise they will lose their ranking. But on me show people are already aware of the fact that they will not get that high quality products in such lower prices so they accept whatever quality the supplier provides them.
  4. Business model –
    As we all know Amazon and Flipkart focuses to provide good quality products to their customers to make them by more and more from them but meesho does not follow this criteria of providing high quality products.
    Because meesho does not sell their products directly to the customers instead they take help from the resellers or door shipping who also makes commission. But it cannot be done without the products having low prices.
    Micho make sure to keep the prices as low as possible for resellers to make their commission.

Is meesho first order free?

No, you will not get your first order free of cost instead you will get a discount of rupees 100 on your very first order from meesho and afterwards you will get good discounts on every purchase from meesho.

When will meesho sales start?

Meesho is always ready to offer you the best and exciting products that you can purchase and resell and you will get a variety of items from the measles upcoming sale in 2022 it will have both men’s and women’s clothing as well as footwear purse jewelry cosmetics etc. Also you can find more and more varieties of household things including gadgets, electronic appliances, item for children’s.

Meesho offers the cheapest prices on traditional wears and best deals for men’s clothing and also offers best selling h household items and you will get extra 20% of on selected categories and n number of deals and great discounts on fashion products

Meesho’s Christmas sale-

The next upcoming sale on my shows is meesho Christmas sale which will start from 24th 24th of December and will last up to 28 of December you will going to get the best deals on me show fashionable clothes jewelry collection accessories and more.

Meesho’s wedding store-

Meesho wedding store sale is expected to start from 19th of January till 24th of January you will get variety of clothes on traditional wears heavy jewelry and great discounts.

Mega blockbuster sale-

Mega blockbuster sale is expected to fall on 23rd of September and will last up to 27th of September you will get tremendous discounts on clothing, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, gadgets, households and on every essential thing.

Maha Diwali sale-

Maha Diwali sale starts from 7th to 11th October on me show and you get extra discounts on things which are not considered in sale items but still you’ll get it.

Meesho maha Indian saving sale-

Meesho maha Indian saving sales starts from 10th of December to 11th of December.

What does meesho fulfillment mean?

Meesho order fulfillment includes the whole process of storing inventory, shipping orders to your customers, packing and picking the products.

A. Inventory management
B. Order processing
C. Warehousing
D. Product assembling
E. Shipping
F. Order tracking
G. Returns managements

Meesho fulfilments with E-shopbox: A smooth happening of work

Eshopbox is an E-Commerce logistic platform which helps you to grow your business at ease it ships your shopping Cart orders with complete automation. Eshopbox have great tools and technology that will give your business a boost and give you the advantage of becoming a fast growing E-Commerce business.

  1. Quick onboarding-
    With the help of E-shopbox you can connect with meesho within a few seconds and you will not need any developer efforts
  2. Automatic order sinking-
    E-shopbox keeps you updated with your inventory stored in E-shopbox fulfillment centers in every 5 minutes so you don’t miss out on sales
  3. Great inventory management-
    E-shopbox provides you the full information of your inventory in all stages by which you can monitor and track your inventory anytime.
  4. Fast order processing-
    E-shopbox follows standard operating procedures (SOPs)by the help of which it provides you quick pick and pack service with commendable order accuracy.
  5. Super fast fulfilments –
    E-shopbox have very strong network of fulfillment center which distribute your orders all over India to offer your customers same day next day and two day delivery.
  6. Strong shipping network-
    Eshopbox has a very strong grip all over the India which empowers you to ship your products more than 29000 pin code in India.
  7. Easy returns and exchange
    E-shopbox helps you to manage your returns very efficiently and it can turn your refunds into exchange without any hassle and insurance your profitability by restoring the returned products in available stock.
  8. Pocket friendly pricing-
    By the help of E-shopbox you can maximize your cost savings because it provides you affordable prices for all businesses with no hidden charges.
  9. Multichannel platform-
    Other than meesho E-shopbox supports many market places like Flipkart, Amazon, shopify, woocommerce and many more.

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