Google Officially launched Android P as First Developer review.

Google officially launched Android P as First Developer review.


Hii there, this is Mohit and Welcome to GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY UPDATES now finally we got fully updated new Android Operating system version called Android P and Google has officially released it for a personal preview.Android P has come with more and most powerful features when you will see and here you about it you will be surprised and amazed!!.

As you know that this is awesome version of Android has come after several months but basically we got it and we are all glad to know about it and we are all want to take enjoy of this Android version as called Android P. in Further discussing we are providing you officially video of Android P which taken from YouTube for education purpose only.

Android P has come with great features like APIs, Android Developer option it is actually great updates with more option. And major update came on display this is “atypical display” support like this  and “notch” style screen.

Android P which is Android operating system has an also great feature that it is able to stop background process which is running on your smartphone without you permission or you forgot to prevent it, but Android P is built for like this prevent idle activities, often system apps run on our mobile like “camera, microphones and other system related apps” and now Android P has greater controller to stop it without your permission.

If you want to take back-up of your lost or missed data from this android so Android P does the encryption on user’s device and will take a password or PIN for getting lost or missed data from user’s phone and for this action to recover or backup data, android P has to required to take password or PIN as safety or security on user’s device.

Android P works on (Wi-Fi RTT) there “RTT” stands for ‘Round Trip Time‘ it means that Android P has great power and capability to find that place and point which user want to find, and basically Android P is trying to improve its finding or locating capabilities the important place or points in the world.

Android P has multi-camera API (Application Programming Interface) it means that Android p is able to can get multiple streams by using multiple physical cameras at the same time (simultaneously). if you have a mobile in which have two cameras so it is very nice because you can create great innovative features like seamless zoom etc.

Now if you want to watch HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) related content on Android P so you will glad to know about great feature that is built-in support for HDR VP9 Profile 2 and your device is fully compatible to support HDR related content on your android and you can find HDR related content on this few sources like “Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies” etc.

How can you download Android P developer preview?

Actually, Android P is now available for Google devices like Google Pixel 2, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 XL if you want to download Android P so you can use this link to download Android P and manually flash with a compatible device in which you want to take enjoy of Android P.

Note:This video is taken from YouTube and registered trademarks of their respected companies.
We have used them as a fair use to provide educational Knowledge.

Now i am thinking why not share some knowledge with you, not in large amount but in enough amount, actually we know that you have some knowledge about android version history even so we providing you a table in which written android version(old and latest).

Code NameRelease DateAPI Level
CupcakeApril 27,20093
DonutSeptember 15,20094
EclairOctober 26, 20095-7
FroyoMay 20, 20108
GingerbreadDecember 6, 20109-10
HoneycombFebruary 22, 201111 ? 13
Ice Cream SandwitchOctober 18, 201114 ? 15
Jelly BeanJuly 9, 201216 ? 18
KitKatOctober 31, 201319 ? 20
LollipopNovember 12, 201421 ? 22
MarshMallowOctober 5, 201523
NougatAugust 22, 201624 ? 25
OreoAugust 21, 201726 ? 27

Note:Android operating system version history have taken from internet source.

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