Google’s First Pixel Watch Launched

Finally, after years of hurdles, rumors, buzz, and everything all Google has launched its first-pixel smartwatch officially. Google claims its new pixel watch crust is made with 80% of recycled stainless steel. This Smartwatch can work with other smartphones though, it is claimed to work more effectively with pixel phones.

Its dial comes mainly in three colors which are black, silver, and gold it is launched with a price of $349 (rupees 28600) for the Bluetooth variant and $399 (roughly rs 32700) for the LTE (long-term evolution) variant.

The Google Pixel watch comes with the feature of a fitness tracker and a smartwatch with its machine learning capabilities. It claims to offer the most accurate heart rate tracker as same as apple watches.

The cherry on the top for the users is to get 6 months of a free Fitbit premium subscription with the watch and it runs on wear OS by which users can download some third-party applications like Spotify and starve on the watch itself.

The pixel watch has 1000 nits brightness which will ensure visibility in all conditions. The Google Pixel watch is a solid alternative to the Apple Watch for Android users. And it has more sleep and a modern look unlike other wear OS watches it gives a more stylish and fashionable look.

The Google Pixel Watch dial comes in a bit small in size so it doesn’t enhance the appearance of wide wrists, Further, t is a round-shaped pixel watch. the upper half of the body is made of 3D domed Gorilla glasses while the lower half is made of recycled stainless steel with various health sensors. Software – where OS 3.5, Fitbit integration, and exclusive function.

Pixel Watch Specifications

Launched 6th of october 2022
Processor Samsung Exynos 9110 wearable SOC+ARM cortex M33 co-processor
Display 1.2'' AMOLED 450 ×450 resalution
Storage 32GB EMMC
Battery life 24 hours
Operating System wear OS 3.5 phone android 8.0+
Weight 36 grams
Colours available Matte black, Polished silver, gold
Connectivity wifi 802.11n, Bluetooth so, NFC , GPS ,4G LTE
Dimension 41.omm dia ×12.3mm
Sensor Heart rate sensor ,ECG tracker
Dial Round Shape
Ideal for Unisex

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