How does my Smartwatch know I’m Sleeping?

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smartwatch track your sleep by actigraphy process which is a moment detection or heart rate detection method. Your wrist moment allows the band to detect your sleep patterns. and this is how you smartwatch knows whether you are asleep or not.

How smartwatch calculate sleep?

Smart watches are equipped with tri- axis accelerometer and heart rate monitor (the one that sit on the back of the watch with red or green light). with this technology they use an algorithm to determine whether you are in active or sleep state also accelerometers measure how much movement you are making while you sleep. but it can’t track the quality of your sleep as to get this data you need to measure brain activity, eye movement and breathing are also required to determine the difference between deep REM sleep and light sleep.

How can smartwatch harm your health?

There are N numbers of individuals who have experienced headache and nausea while wearing smartwatch for quite a long time there are also some people who felt itchy on their wrist and also struggle with finding a consistent sleep pattern while wearing the watch but there are those people as well who have no issues at all so it depends from person to person

Can wearing a smartwatch cause arm pain?

No, wearing a smartwatch doesn’t cause any arm or shoulder pain it occurs due to the compression of the nerves at the wrist by wearing a smartwatch too tightly so wearing the watch the wrong way can cause pain your arm and also wearing your watch two tightly can cause itchiness redness and irritation in your skin

Is it safe to wear a smartwatch all the time?

Yes, it is definitely safe and not bad to wear smartwatch all the time until you maintain a healthy sensible and disciplined lifestyle and not dependent on smart watches for your daily activities.

Does smartwatch have side effects?

These are the major factors that affect our health

A. EMF radiation – electromotive force radiation is an electromagnetic radiation wave. it is scientifically proven that if any kind of radiation rays passes through your body it can affect the mechanism of your nerve system and can cause fatal disease. But it is not proven that smart watches is a direct and immediate cause of serious health injuries

B. Blue light effects – smart watches are also known to be a handy form of smartphone and using your smartwatch before bed at night can cause sleep destruction and also it can harm your eyes from the infrared light effect as you are using it all day and night

C. Memory issues – being in a contact with smart watches day and night may cause memory issues and the symptoms can be seen when you start to forget little things in your daily life if it happens to you then you are in the category of an insomniac memory could not take place in your brain properly due to the lack of concentration and more of destructions, mood swings and unsocial behavior.

To prevent these issues now users are trying radiation free smart watches that may not worth for money but we can protect ourselves by maintaining a healthy daily routine well and by self control.

Best selling smart watches in 2022

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Mi Smart Band 4. 1.103
Fitbit FB507BKBK Versa 2 11849
Noise Colorfit pro 2 1799
HONOR Band 5 2099
Garmin Forerunner 245 27990
Samsung Galaxy watch 11299
Amazfit Bip u Smartwatch 4399
Noise Colorfit pro 3 Smartwatch 2499

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