How to bring a “Boot Dead” or “Hard Bricked” Redmi 2 back to life.

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I was using MIUI HM2XWcPro_V7.3.3.0.LHJCNDD on my Redmi 2. With time perfomance decresed so i decided to install a custom ROM. But as to my suprise i was not able to flash a recovery or boot in recovery. I founded out that the problem is because of locked BOOTLOADER. So i decided to unlock BOOTLOADER using MI Flash Unlock tool.

I was not successful to unlock the bootloader. Then i searched for the solution and tried a solution which was not meant for my device(Redmi 2).

Frustated with all this I flashed a wrong boot image and my device went boot dead/hard bricked.


It is a condition of device when it does not boot up at all, like there is no battery. This means that device does neither show MI logo nor boot in fastboot mode. Your PC might not detect it as well.

Extra Details

My Device- Redmi 2

Model- 2014818

Fastboot ROM i used wt88047_global_images_5.8.22_20150723.0000.6_4.4_global


Boot Deat Redmi 2.

MI Flash tool Made 2014-05-09 here is link

Any Fastboot rom which is made for your device

Patience 😀

All the Drivers For the Device must be installed properly like universal adb drivers fastboot drivers.

Qualcomm QDLoader Drivers 32/64 bit ( link is given in last)


1] Firstly download the MI Flash tool that i mentioned in ‘Requirment’ section. It is neccessary to use it.

2] Connect your boot dead redmi 2 with usb to your pc. Check in MI Flash app click on REFRESH button whether it detects any device.

In most cases you get a device as anything “0” or “324ehvh2” or just COM #

3] If MI Flash tool does not detect any device then

           — Open device manager

           — Take battery out from phone

           — Insert usb

           — Keep pressing ‘volume down’  key.

           — Insert battery

And check if MI Flash Tool is detecting any device. It should detect the device for sure. (This method worked for me) If not google “MI Flash tool not detecting my device” etc. etc. .And try to get your device detected.


4 ] Now that your device is detected by MI Flash Tool

5] Click the Browse button and look for the location of where you’ve extracted the MIUI Fastboot ROM file, choose folder  then hit OK button.  

6] Click on ADVANCED and select the appropriate files for options selected from where you have extracted your ROM.

6] Now just click on Flash button.

7] Done your device will be flashed.


1] Dont unplug from USB untill you see “powered by android” written downside of MI Logo.

2] If it still does not boot try removing and inserting battery and starting up.

3] I will suggest you to wait at least 5 minutes after MI Logo shows up.


If your device start showing MI logo but not proceeding any further, that means now you have SOFT BRICKED state from HARD BRICKED state.

Now you have many choices like-

1) Try Flashing ROM again by entering fastboot mode.

2) Flash recovery rom with MI recovery.(you can only flash miui rom)

         -Put Recovery ROM in external sd card.

         -Go in Mi recovery (Hold power up+ volume up+ volume down key together then release power key )

         -There you will get many options use your mind and flash the ROM.

3) You can also flash custom recovery, And then flash a custom rom.

4] Qualcomm QDLoader Drivers 32/64 bit should be installed.

Another Method (Flash All Method) (Using Command Prompt)

1> Download above Mi Flash Tool. & Download Fastboot ROM.

2> Extract The Fastboot ROM

3> Install Mi Flash Tool in C Drive.

4> Open C:\Program Files\Xiaomi\MiPhone\Google\Android

5> Paste all contents from “image” folder found in FastBoot ROM extrated in 2 step, in above navigated “Android” folder.

6> Download the “” provided below and extract the “flash_all.bat” in the “Android” folder.

7> Connect your device to PC( boot in fastboot mode if you can).

8> Then double click on “flash_all.bat” file.

9> Wait for some time and your device will start automatically.

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