How To Disable Notification On Your PC.

How To Disable Notification On Your PC.


Hii There, this is Mohit and welcome to Global Technology Updates, if you are irritating to see a lots notification on your desktop or mobile screen which is sending by that website which you have subscribed to get notification of update and new news, don’t take tension because in this sort of article we are going to learn how to disable notification on PC or Mobile.

If you are thinking “What is Notification ?” so it is the simple message or pop up window have sent by the website which you have subscribed.

Actually by default Chrome is able to alert you whenever a website, blog, app, or extension wants to send you the notification and you can change it whenever you want.

NOTE: If you are browsing in Incognito mode, you won’t get the notification.

We are showing you step by step point to disable notification in Chrome, with the help of this point you can Allow or block notification from all sites which you have subscribed.
NOTE: We are using Chrome to block or allow notification from websites.

1] First you need to open Chrome.

2] After opening Chrome, where you can see at the top right three dots click on that three dot and go into setting, see into the image.

3] Now scroll down and here you will see an advanced option, click on this advance button, see the image.

4] Under “Privacy and Security” you will see here “Content Setting” option, click on this option.see the image.

5] Here you will see “Notification” option.See the image.

6] After clicking on “Notification” option you will see here three point that is “Ask before sending”, “Block”,”Allow”.

i] Turn off ask before sending

ii] Block a site: if you want to block so click on Add, Enter the site and click on Add.

iii] Allow a site: if you want to allow so click on, Enter the site and click on Add.

now at this step you have some option to choose them, which is completely up to you.

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