How to earn Free Dogecoin Worth 200$ every Hour

How to earn Free Dogecoin Worth 200$ every Hour

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Hi there, Welcome to Global Technology Updates. Today I am going to tell you about a website through which you can earn 200$ worth of Dogecoin Every hour. As you all know that dogecoin (1000 Dogecoins = 7$ Dollars) is one of the most valuable cryptocurrency among other currencies out there, and there are many ways you can earn Dogecoin for free but when it comes to paying out the Dogecoins you have earned, this Website stands above all. It has the most number of users among any other website who provide free dogecoin because this website pays you for sure.

There are other website out there but they do not process your payment and you give up on your hope. On the other hand on this website you have to just verify that you are human and you can collect your free dogecoin every hour for lifetime.

Now starting the Tutorial

1] Enter this link in your browser.

Link :


2] Now you will see the Sign Up Form. Enter your Details like valid email password, password, and you Dogecoin Address. Please use a valid Email address because you will need to verify it later.

If you do not have a Dogecoin Address you can learn to create one here…

Link :

After that ‘Verify Human’ captcha.

Then click on ‘Sign Up’ Button.


3] Now you will be signed up in your account. There are many option present on this website.

Firstly Click on “Verify Human” captcha. Then click ‘Roll’ button. You will receive you free Dogecoin. You can collect more after every 1 hour.


4] After you clicked ‘Roll’ button a popup window will open close it.


5] You will see a Number at the Place of capcha. This is your lucky Number. You will get free dogecoin according to the the ‘Table’ present above it.

Below those lucky numbers there is a timer for 1 hour. When this Time runs out you can play again and earn more free Dogecoin.



1] Multiply Doge : This option is for placing bet and earning more Dogecoin. Most of the time you will end up losing Dogecoin so don’t try it. The amount you lose or win will be managed from your account balance shown in top right corner.

2] Refer : You can also refer other people on this site. To do that open this option and get your referall link. Then ask that person to sign up using that link. You will get 50% of what your referall earns on the website as long as your referall keeps earning.

3] FAQ : In this section you can clear your doubts about the website.

4] Profile : In this section you can manage your profile. Like chainging password, changing withdrawal address, changing email etc etc.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have known about this awesome website, go there and start getting Rich. I will upload a new post when i come to know about any other awesome website. Till then keep earning, keep sharing and keep visiting.

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Link :

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