How to Enable Dark Mode In Chrome Canary

Google Chrome has been slated to support an underlying “dark mode” skin. Currently, the feature is in trial, and only Google Chrome is available through Canary Distribution.

The rationale behind the dark mode skin of chrome is that users can enable it to combat eye fatigue and reduce battery consumption, knowing that dark themes save battery life on devices with AMOLED display.

After the release of MacOS Mojave, work on Chrome’s official Dark Mode began at the end of September 2018, the latest MacOS version that included support for Dark UI Skin.

The way it was designed, it was that when the user changes the OS UI theme, then Chrome will respect the OS light / dark theme by automatically switching between a light and dark theme.

Alternatively, Google will allow users to configure Chrome in a permanent dark mode regardless of the background OS UI setting, if users have preferred this mode over the light version.

After the three-month development cycle, the initial tests of the Chrome dark mode setting were first rolled out for Chrome on MacOS in December 2018 last month.

In this initial stage, there is no setting panel option to convert chrome from light to dark skin. Currently, it is done by adding flags at the end of Chrome Canary Execution.

According to this tutorial, macOS users can use the “–enable-feature = DarkMode” flag to sync Chrome with the MacOS Lite / Dark UI, or they can use Chrome “–force-dark” via Chrome In a permanent dark mode, the mode can be “flag.

Now according to the Chromium Source Code Commitment, one of these flags has been added to Chrome on Windows 10.

The flag is “–force-dark-mode” and Chrome will allow the users to enable Chrome dark mode skin all the time, even if the Windows 10 light or dark color scheme is in place.

To Download Google Chrome Canary click on Download.

If you are curious about how it looks, or if you are a regular Chrome Canary user, then you can enable this flag, as follows:

1] Find out the shortcut file that starts Chrome Canary.
2] Right-click on the shortcut icon and select Properties.
3] Like the diagram below, append –force-dark-mode at the end of the target area
4] Press Apply and then OK.
5] Start Chrome Canary.

Image: Global Technology Updates

As a result you can see mentioned image:

Image : Global Technology Updates

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