How To Enable Emergency SOS System in Xiaomi’s phone?

Hey guys welcome to the new post here we are going to discover Xiaomi’s new feature called ‘Emergency SOS’ system.In this post we are going to learn about this feature like how it’s works? and how to enable it properly? so without any further discuss let’s move to next level of the post.

What is ‘Emergency SOS’?

Emergency SOS MIUI 10 is a new feature added with the Global Beta ROM. When you are in danger, this facility sends an SMS to your well-wishers like your family, relatives or friends. Only 5 times the power button pressed fast, they will be sent SOS text But you must be under the network coverage of your operator and you also have the available balance to send the SMS.

In another words –

When we are in danger in any situation the SOS function will be the best option, even if the phone screen is rotten, you can immediately ask for help from your loved ones! Enable emergency SOS feature and then add at least 1 emergency contact to work normally. So that they can help you.

How to enable Emergency SOS system:

1] Go to settings and scroll down. Enter emergency SOS mode. Then enable Emergency SOS mode from here.

2] Tap emergency contacts. Then add the tape Then select their contacts who can help you when you are in the emergency. Do not forget to tell these people that they are now your emergency contacts. In this way, they will be able to help you in case of emergency.

3] Emergency SOS triggering is very simple. Press the power button 5 times to trigger Emergency SOS After triggering, it will send a text message with your location for your emergency contacts. In addition, you can send the last one hour call history to emergency contact numbers so that they can help you.

4] You can close this function by tapping on the red status bar.

What you think about this system in xiaomi’s smartphones? or Is it a better idea to protect itself in any danger situation? give your nicely comment in comment box.

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