How to get your Device Detected in Mi Flash Tool in Windows 8/8.1/10

An Update for : Redmi 2 Hard Brick or Boot Dead Solution

I know many of you have been redirected here from MIUI FORUM, so I welcome you all to my Website Global Technology Updates. I have been working on this new UPDATE for quite a long time now and Today I am here to present you to tackle the Problem of getting Your Device Detected in Mi Flash Tool.

This Post is particularly for Windows 8/8.1/10 users. As I think if you have Hard Bricked Your Device then mostly you would be new to this situation, and would surely be facing problems getting your device detected in Mi Flash Tool.

First of all, You Should have the Fastboot & ADB driver setup that we need for this method. If you don’t have it get it from here.
If you already installed make sure it is Installed Properly.

Here is the Outlook of Procedure.

1] Download Mi Flash Tool. [Click Here]

2] Download Fastboot & ADB setup and Install it. [Click Here]

3] Disable Driver Signature Verification [LEARN HERE]

After You have completed the Above steps follow the below steps. Read them even if you think you have completed them already because there are always some minor changes that will do the trick for you.

4] Install Mi Flash Tool.

Install Mi Flash Tool Inside “ADS & Fastboot” Folder.

This may sound like a straightforward thing but you need to make a change here. Just Change the Installation Directory in The “ADB & Fastboot Folder”. This “ADB & Fastboot” Folder should have been created where you installed the “ADB & Fastboot Setup” in step 2.

If your PC already has “ADB & Fastboot Setup” and “Mi Flash Tool” installed then leave the ADB as it is we don’t need to reinstall it. Just reinstall the “Mi Flash Tool” in the “ADB & Fastboot” Folder.

Now you need to run MI Flash Tool as administrator. After Running it try to get your Device Detected. If it is not detected, check if you have forgotten any step.

Try the Methods written in MIUI Forum Thread along with this MI Flash Tool Installation.

I wish You have Success getting Your Device Detected.

NOTE: We are Just Trying to Help your Device Revive. If you end up messing it up or messing up yourself, we are not to be held responsible. Thank You for your understanding.

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Manish is Article writer at Global Technology Updates. Loves Programming and Xiaomi. He is Xiaomi Software Repairer. Gaming is one of main part of his daily routine. He is currently Studying Computer Science Engineering in Thakur Shivkumar Singh Memorial Engineering College.

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