How to Install Windows 7 in VMware Workstation

Hi there, Global Technology Updates welcomes you In today’s post. Today we are going to learn that how we can install Windows 7 in Virtual Machine. We will use VMware Workstation to Create a Virtual Machine and then we will Install Windows 7 in this Virtual Machine. For this purpose we are going to need two important things.

Using Virtual Machine to run an Operating System means that we do not need to uninstall the OS we are using currently in our PC. We will just use a software (VMware Workstation) and an ISO file of Windows 7.

1] Windows 7 ISO file and

2] VMware Workstation Software

You can get both of them easily on Internet.

Installation of an Operating System in a Virtual Machine does not require any Internet Connection. Just remember to run the ‘VMware Workstation’ as ‘Administrative’.

To install windows 7 in VMware it takes two different process to be performed.

1] Creating Virtual Machine.

2] Installing OS in this Virtual Machine.

1] Create a Virtual Machine for Windows 7.

Creating a Virtual Machine for an OS is different process than Installing OS in that particular Virtual Machine we created.

I have made a separate tutorial to ease out the process. So visit the below Links and create Virtual Machine.

Click Here :

Some steps on the above tutorial are different. I have changed those steps below to suit this Tutorial. see them from here and chage them accordingly..

****In step 5****

For creating a Virtual Machine for Windows 7 you have to select ‘Windows’ from list of OSs and then select version of Windows.

****In step 14****

Select the ISO image for Windows 7. If you have created the Virtual Machine for 32bit Windows then select 32bit ISO file. Same goes for 64bit Virtual Machine.

2] After you have completed creating Virtual Machine from above tutorial, click on ‘Power on this Virtual Machine’. It is shown in red box.

3] This is how it looks when it is about to get start.

4] Now you will see windows setup screen. You can not Live Boot in Windows. Select ‘Language’ ‘Time Format’ & ‘Keyboard Layout’. Then click ‘Next’ button.

5] Then click ‘Install Now’ button.

6] Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and click ‘Next’.

7] In this window we have to select Installation type. We will select “Custom”.


8] In this window we have do partitioning. But in windows we can also do it after Installing windows. So select the ‘Drive’ and then click on ‘Next’.

9] Than the Installation of Windows will start. It can take more time as we are installing in a Virtual Machine. You can see that the whole process is divided into 5 parts. Only the second process ‘Expanding Windows File’ will take longer time. During the Installation the Windows will reboot several times inside Virtual Machine. Don’t worry about it. It is part of Installation.

10] After the Installation gets completed you have to do some more steps. In this window enter a User Name and name of the PC.

11] Now set-up a password for security. You can also Skip this step. It is not necessary to use a Password.

12] In this step you have to Enter your Serial Key. If you have one you can Enter it or you can skip this step also.

13] Then in this Window select ‘Ask me Later’ . It is for Windows Update. Never update your windows when using in Virtual machine.

14] Now select your ‘Timezone’.

15] Now windows will take some time setting up the desktop and then you will be shown your desktop.

Enjoy your Windows 7.

That’s it. This Tutorial Ends here 😀

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