How To Make A Banner In Microsoft PowerPoint.

How To Make A Banner In Microsoft PowerPoint.


Hii there, this is Mohit and welcome to Global Technology Updates once again we wrote the best post for you that is “How To Make A Banner In Microsoft PowerPoint.” , everybody wants to create the awesome banner for Website, app, blog, News, etc so for them this post is very helpful to create/make the banner in “Microsoft PowerPoint” of course friends, we are using Microsoft PowerPoint to make the banner for simple and advance work.

We are going to display step by step process to make banner by point, this is because images are really helpful to understand “what’s happing and what we are doing ?”.

so let’s start making a banner of GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY UPDATES.

Follow these step to create what type of banner you want to create.


1] Simply open you Microsoft PowerPoint software on your PC, you can start it from Microsoft start button, search option will appear then type here and search PowerPoint.After that clicking on PowerPoint, it will launch in few second. See the image.

2] Choose Blank slide from the Home of the Microsoft PowerPoint software.see the image.

3] Select the Rectangle and resize it according to you, how much you want to keep height and width of this rectangle keep it.

4] Go into Drawing Tools “Format”, and select shape style which you want to prefer.

5] Now again select the small rectangle for your banner name which you want to keep to see the image and also select the shape style which we have done in point [4], then type your banner name under the rectangle and choose compatible text size and style it, see the image.

6] This is the last state and now our banner will make completely.follow just step which is shown in an image.

7] After completing everything it will look like this.

8] This time to save it as pptx file. Now most important thing is that this file will save as a pptx file and we want a JPG file so don’t worry about that change it file extension simply.

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