How to Merge Hard Disk Partitions

Merging the partitions is also a very simple process. This process is also most useful when i will write Posts for Dual Booting. In this process you have to select a primary Partition among all your partition. That means you have to select a Partition in which you are going to merge all your Partitions.

In this post i have considered my ‘C’ Partitions as my Primary Partition, that means i will merge other partitions into ‘C’ Partition. You also have to make sure that you backup all your data to an External device. OR You can also transfer your data to your Primary Partition. The data stored in the Partitions we are going to delete will be lost (not forever).

I will suggest you that you should install Widows in VMware Workstation and practice these steps there.

Merging is done by keeping the following thing in mind.

i] Select the Partition in which you want to merge others.(Primary Partition)

ii] Move all data from other partitions to Primary Partition.

iii] Delete other Partitions. And create ‘Un-allocated Space’.

iv] Merge the un-allocated space to the Primary Partition.


1] In this step you are shown that i have to Partitions. I will delete my secondary partition and merge the free space into primary partition.

Partition C : Primary Partition / 1st Partiton

Partition E : Secondary Partition / 2nd Partition

2] Right click on the Partition you want to delete. Then Click on ‘Delete Volume’ .

3] You will get a warning dialogue saying ‘All data on this partition will be lost’. The Partition that you delete it’s data will be lost forever, so it is good to have a backup of the data.

Click on ‘Yes’ button.

4] In this window you will see that the Partition you deleted has been now converted in ‘Free Space’ or ‘Un-allocated Space’ .

5] Now right click on your Primary Partitions and select ‘Extend Volume’ option.

6] In the new window that just opened click ‘Next’ .

7] Again click ‘Next’ .

8] Then click ‘Finish’. This window will be closed now.

9] Now you are back to the previous window and you will see that your partitions has been merged.


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