How To Track Lost Mobile Phone?

Hey, how are you? Welcome to new post from GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY UPDATES, here we discussed about ‘What to do when our phone has been lost?’. This post may be helpful for you to find your lovely mobile which has been stolen or lost somewhere and you are troubling to find it easily, that’s why in this post we have shown a best way to find it.

Points to be cover-

1] How to track your Android phone?
2] What can you do once you found your phone?
3] What are benefits of using “find my device”?

Finding my phone option is very useful for us because of its use we can easily find our lost mobile phone. By using it you can easily locate the address of your mobile phone that is lost anywhere in your home, office or any other place. All you need to do is login with a Google account on your mobile phone which will be used to detect your mobile phone if lost. You can search it on a web browser with the same Google Account that you have entered on your mobile phone. You can trace your mobile phone with this method. So you know that you do not have to worry too much about the security of your mobile phone because you have many techniques to do this.

NOTE – Keep in mind that this technique does not always work, and the phone has to live with a signal, data, or place to work, but it is a useful way of finding a lost phone.

1] How to track your Android phone?

The first thing you want to do is Find My Device, Google’s Tracker Website – either search for it in Google, or click on the link above to get there.


After this, you’ll need to sign in to your Google Account using your email and password. It should not be very difficult, as long as you remember them.

Next, you will be presented with the site. There is a list of the devices you have signed in to the left at the top – you will probably only have one or two of these, so it is possible that the right device will be selected already. If not, click here.

Below is a list of options for the phone, but you can still ignore them for now if you are trying to track a phone.

Most of the page is taken by a large map, which has a pin – hopefully it directs where your device is.


If Find My device can not locate your phone, you can try again by clicking on the round arrow by the image of your phone, which will ask the tracker to try again. Hopefully this time, it will find your device.

Three major action you can preform via “find my device”.

This action allows you to play sound on the device which you want to find and through this action device will ring for 5 minutes, even if set to silent.


This action might be useful for you because it allows you to lock device and sign out of your google account from the device.Via this action you can also display a message or phone number on the lock screen. You can still locate the device after it’s locked.


This action allows you to Erase all content from the device. But one thing to notice here when you erased your device by performing this action then you can’t locate it again.


2] What can you do once you found your phone?

If you’ve found your phone so you can easily get it.

But you may need to go to some length to find your handset. The first option is a Play Sound, which will play a sound for up to 5 minutes on your device. If someone is near your phone, it will alert you to the fact that you are looking for it, so hopefully they can help you.

3] Benefits of “find my device”

i] Help to track the device if the device is lost or stolen

ii] Remote access to the device

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