How to watch Geminids Meteor Shower and get a picture of it

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What does meteor shower look like?

Meteor shower exactly looks like a shooting star from the sky.
If you ever been lucky enough to be under the sky at the night you must have seen shooting stars and to witness this beautiful experience is always mesmerizing.

What causes Geminid Meteor Shower?

The Geminid meteor shower take place from an asteroid called 3200 Phaethon comes close to the sun while orbiting it.

when the little particles from asteroids or comets enter the atmosphere at high speed the heat they cause vaporize the particles and create the flashes of light that sometimes we see across the sky meteor shower occurs when the earth passes through the trail of debris.

When you can see a meteor shower?

The best time to see Geminids meteor shower is December 13 to 14 when the peak will occur and you will see an increased number of meteors a few days before and after the peak .
It has been started from November 19 and it will last until December 24. But during the peak hour between 100 to 150 meteors per hour could be seen shooting across the sky, NASA reports that these meteors travel 40 time faster than a bullet.

To have the best experience go to the darker place get comfortable as it may take some time for your eyes to be used to the dark environment choose the place where there is not that much dust or pollution to get clear sky views and you will start to see the meteor showers.

Why they are called Geminid meteor shower?

The Geminids meteor shower named from a cluster called “Gemini”. That cluster is the point in the sky where Geminid appear from, and the Geminid covers 78000 miles per hour.

What you can expect from it?

6 to 7 meteors per hour is a reasonable minimum to expect if you are lucky enough you will get to see a lot more then that some meteors will be long some will be short some will be with very big flashes of light and and if you are lucky enough, wait a bit longer and be patient you will definitely end up catching fireballs also. you need to be very attentive because meteors are so high in speed they passes through just in a blink of an eye.

Equipment’s you will need?

  1. For the best experience you have to have your camping bed any mattress or your mad or anything on which you can lie and enjoy the meteors
  2. You have to have your camera ,smartphone ,iPhone adaptor or anything to capture the shots
  3. And obviously something to drink

Taking photos with the help of your iPhone?

Firstly you need the nightcap camera app in your iPhone to shoot the meteors hold your iPhone still after that turn your meteor mode on tap on the star button to open more options then tap star shots to turn on meteor mode as soon as you tap on the star shots option the dot under that will turn green after turning the meteor mode on you will not have to change any camera settings or anything set your iPhone on the clear patch of the sky because if you set it on a patch where anything is blocking the view of the sky it will ruin your shot. further click on the shutter button for it to start taking pictures and weight. the longer you wait the more you likely to take shot of a shooting star.

Once you think the work is done you can simply tape the shutter button again to finish the capturing and then you can have the look of your pictures.

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