Is it safe to buy laptop from Flipkart?

Yes, it is definitely safe to buy laptop from Flipkart but here are some tips to ensure a good online purchase while buying a product from an e-commerce platform, check the sellers ratings and reviews well and register your product immediately with the manufacturer upon unboxing to verify that you are getting genuine piece, read the warranty and return/ replacement terms well in advance carefully. You need to keep the original invoice of purchase and warranty card as a proof and any authorized service center will not deny you anything covered under the warranty.

Delivery safety?

Flipkart has recently changed its policies slight a bit so here are some of the precautions you have to take. firstly Flipkart has provided open box facilities to its customers under which you can ask the delivery boy to open your parcel at the time of delivery and you have to take the video of the delivery boy opening your parcel video should include his identity / face as a proof and you can check if the parcel contains user manual, warranty card, stickers if promised laptop itself and charger also match serial number which is given behind the laptop with the serial number given on the bill to confirm that the laptop provided to you is of the same preservation and also make sure there are no scratches on your laptop. everything you have to check about your product before accepting it and you can take your parcel only when you have confirmed that your product is genuine and not defected at all. Now you can accept the product delivery but always remember not to share your OTP with the delivery boy before you check your product because once you have given OTP to the delivery boy the product is your property you cannot challenge Flipkart or Amazon after OTP verification this process may take your time and energy but at the end of the day you will be at the safe side.

How to claim a warranty on Flipkart laptops?

Whenever there is any issue or difficulty regarding your product from Flipkart or any other online shopping site you have to simply call the online shopping center they will explain you the process by which you can claim your warranty and give you the contact number of the company and explain how you can download the invoice of your product from the order details where the option of download invoice is provided if you have purchased your laptop from any company suppose you have purchased your laptop from HP. HP company will search your nearest service center and provide you its location where you can go and tell your issues and difficulties you are facing with your product and after a certain period of time you will get your laptop replaced with a brand new laptop if it is in the warranty period. You can directly visit the HP companies online site and register your complaint about your laptop. if HP Denise you to give warranty by giving any excuse then you can simply call Flipkart customer care / Flipkart helping center and they will take action against the company which is a very helpful facility given by Flipkart to customers.

Can I return the laptop on Flipkart?

According to Flipkart’s return policy you cannot return the laptop/ computers/ mobile/ and electronics and get a refund instead, you will get a replacement of the same model of your product within 7 days of delivery if any defect or issue is detected at no additional cost if defect is determined within the return windows . If no issue is confirmed or diagnosed within 7 days of delivery, you will be directed to a brand service center to resolve any subsequent issues.
In any case only the replacement shall be provided
For all functionality related issues do contact the brand-authorized service center directly for more details kindly check a products return policy on the products page

What is the right time to buy laptop from Flipkart?

This question cannot be answered in one word it totally depends on the users needs and upon when do you need it if urgently then buy now but if you can wait then you may get to see variation in prices during the sale. if you want a laptop for normal usage you will only need SSD which helps your laptop to work fast like for operating Microsoft word or for teaching purpose if you are a student so it doesn’t matter if you wait for the right time to buy a laptop. if you are a heavy user where you want to edit videos , game development or you want to do high end gaming Better build quality less heating issues good performance and value for money so you have to wait for big billion day sale which will come in first or second week of October before the Diwali sale where you will get your laptop on a reasonable price the first day and first hour of sale is very important and beneficial but it is only for it’s members you have to take Flipkart sale membership which will come hardly for 300 – 400 rupees. on the other days the prices may same bit higher in comparison with the first day of the big billion sale, keeping big billion day in mind is always a confusing thing if you are okay with any brand any configuration laptop then wait for big billion day because you can’t assured that you are desired product may have huge discounts if luck favor’s you then you are lucky enough if not, then you have to choose any other brand and place and order if you are particularly looking for a single product then place an order today or you can try your luck waiting!

How can I get discount on laptop from Flipkart?

Flipkart is probably the greatest if not the best place to shop for laptops if you are need is bigger than saving money on a product then your need should definitely come first, you can seek discounts without their being a sales several side out their of a huge discounts on electronics that to on a daily basis like DesiDime and zingoy while one is great for discount offers and shopping related queries the other is best suited for cashback offers you can always save a few bucks with discount coupons and cashback offers

Is it safe to book laptop on Flipkart without COD/which type of payment method is best for buying?

A. Here are some of the pros of prepaid orders

  1. No contact delivery ( less risk of coming in direct contact with the delivery boy who may or may not accidentally came in contact with a Covid positive case or any other viral infection).
  2. In prepaid orders delivery boy have to try their hard to deliver the product on its first attempt itself (any excuse of non delivery is scrutinize).
  3. No issue with exact currency change.

B. These are the cons of prepaid orders

  1. In case of order cancellation (by you seller Flipkart) or any case making you eligible for refund that refund will take quite along time (about 10 – 14 days sometimes even more)

Price range?

These are some of the factors you should look into well buying a laptop GPU graphics processing unit choose from AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce and the like the CPU for assuring smooth performance choose from Intel, AMD and the like, RAM- the amount of RAM is important. while buying a laptop you must consider what application you want to use it for you want to buy a laptop for your business needs, everyday activities or gaming once you decide this you can zero in the specifications and features. there is a wide range of laptop from top brands that you can choose from some of the good models are HP imprint core i3 6th Gen laptop Acer Aspire 3 Celeron for laptop Dell Inspiron core i3 6th Gen and many more options can be found under Rs 50000

Price Range

Lenovo Celeron Dual Core - (4GB/256 GB HDD/256 GB SSD /DOS) 82C3A008IH Laptop Rs. 19990
DELL Inspiron Athlon DUAL Core 3050U - (8 GB/256 GB SSD/ Window 11 Home) Inspiron 3525 Notebook Rs.31990
ASUS VivoBook 15 (2022) core i3 10th Gen -(8 GB/512 GB SSD/ Windows 11 Home) x515JA-EJ362WS X515JA-EJ392WS Thin and Light Laptop Rs. 32990
Lenovo IdeaPad 1 Ryzen 5 Quad Core 3500U- (8 GB/512GB SSD/ Windows 11 Home) 15ADA7 Thin and Light Laptop Rs. 39125
DELL Inspiron Core i3 11th Gen - (8 GB/1 TB HHD/256 GB SSD/Windows 11 Home) D560841WIN9S Thin and Light Laptop Rs.39990
Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Ryzen 5 Hexa Core 5500U - (8GB/512 GB SSD/Windows 11 Home) 15ALC6 Thin and Light Laptop Rs. 43500

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