Java 11 Launched With New Features: Download JDK 11 Here

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In today post we will discuss the new features of JAVA released in new JAVA 11. JAVA has been the one ALL-ROUNDER programming language that is used for all kind of Developments like Android Development, Web Development etc. So with this new release, we are getting some more new features. So without any further discussion let’s get into it.

Here are the Most Important new Features of Java 11.

1] With this Java 11 release, Oracle also announced that they are planning to release LTS(Long Term Support) versions every three years.

2] Java 11 is also an LTS release. That means it will be supported by Oracle for another 8 years. During this 8 year period, Java 11 will get minor updates and Bug Fixes. This also implied that many Organisations will now switch to Java 11.

3] New Java release also includes a standard HTTP library that brings support for HTTP/2 and allows flow-based HTTP/1.

4] Some other features are Nest-based access controls, ZGC (a new No-Op garbage collector), TLS 1.3, Flight Recorder, dynamic class-file constants, Enhanced KeyStore mechanisms, the launch of single-file source-code programs, and much more

These were the major new Features included in the newly Released Java 11. You can also read the full list of changes here in the Java 11 Release Notes. To download new Java 11 JDK click here.

What are your Opinions about the new Java release? Share your Opinions in the Comments section.

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