JioBrowser App Launched In India

In addition to many of its apps, Reliance Jio has launched another app called JioBrowser in India.

The JioBrowser app is considered to be one of India’s first browsing app for Indian users.

The new app provides users with important news, trending events, videos, and more in one place.

With just 4.8MB size, the app is a light for fast and easy browsing. It supports approximately 8 Indian languages.

In addition, the app can be customized by selecting the local news category to keep updated about the things happening around users.

The JioBrowser app allows users to access top sites, uses secret mode for personal surfing on the Internet and allows users to share news through their contacts and through social media.

In addition, this app comes with the option to download and manage browsing history.

The JioBrowser app is currently available for Android users and it is listed on Google Play Store.

However, this app is not available for iPhone users right now and iOS users have no words on its availability.

Apart from this, Reliance Jio has invited the user’s response to further enhance the user experience.

To Download JioBrowser click on Download

Top features are there :

1] Fast and Easy:

Jio Browser is a fast and easy browser for your Android smartphone, due to the small size of the app it is extremely light and efficient for your device.

2] Regional language support

Jio Browser 8 supports Indian languages ​​and in this way it offers specially for Indian users in different states.

3] Latest news and video

Get relevant news, latest events and other exciting videos, all from one Jio Browser in one place.

4] Local news feed

Customize your news feed by selecting Jio Browser’s local news category and be updated with events happening in your neighborhood.

5] Smooth user experience

The application UI is designed by a great team of experts, so you can get the easiest and fastest browsing experience.

6] Quick access to top sites

We’ve integrated quick links to some top Indian websites on the internet, just click on the app’s logo and start surfing.

7] Private browsing

Incognito mode allows you to protect your browsing history and provide a private browsing experience.

8] Share with friends

Now share your favorite news or piece of video easily with your contacts on social media.

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