Most Searched Things on Google in 2018

As we are moving towards the end of 2018, we can say that it was one of the most Interesting Year in the whole world as so many important and awaited events occurred in 2018. For example movies, sports, music industry, gaming, weddings, TV series, and many other things.

To look for more Information about these topics people took over google to search and find about their favorite event. In India, about 462 Million people used the Internet as of January 2018. We used the Internet for knowledge, how-to guides, entertainment and much more.

But Do you know which was the most searched movie in 2018 or which was the most searched song, serial, sport, person on the Internet? Well, we are going to list all those things in today’s article. We are going to list about Top 10 most searched words in each category. So sit tight and get ready to know what was trending in 2018 or What were the most searched topics in 2018 in India.

To be clear I am not making up this list myself nor I am referring to the data from any other third party site. All the Information included is from Google Trends Site.

First off we will List all the most searched terms for movies in 2018. 2018 was the year of most awaited movies of all time. Movies like Bahubali, Robot, Avengers Infinity War etc. all came out in 2018. Below is the List of movies that were most searched on google. Most Searched words, most searched terms in movies.

1] Robot 2.0
2] Baaghi 2
3] Race 3
4] Avengers Infinity War
5] Tiger Zinda Hai
6] Sanju
7] Padmavati
8] Black Panther
9] Dhadak
10] Deadpool 2

How-to Tutorials or Guides
When we need to get something done and we do not know how to do that we often prefer google and search for the Guide or Tutorial for that procedure and google never Disappoints us. It finds the best Tutorial of all and shows us on the First Page of the Search Result. Below is the List of India’s most searched “How-to” Tutorials. Most Searched words, most searched terms in tutorials.

1] How to send stickers on Whatsapp
2] How to link Aadhaar with mobile number
3] How to make rangoli
4] How to port mobile number
5] How to invest in bitcoin
6] Ayushman Bharat Yojana how to apply
7] How to remove holi colour from face
8] How to check 10th result 2018
9] How to solve Rubik’s cube
10] How to check name in NRC Assam

What is…
Did it happened with you that you come across something in day-to-day life and you go like “OMG! What is that?”. I could say that it happens with all of us and to save yourself from shaming we prefer not to ask anyone except Google. So below is the list of all the “OMG! What is that?” words that we searched most on Google. Most Searched words, most searched terms in curiosity.

1] What is section 377
2] What is happening in Syria
3] What is kiki challenge
4] What is me too campaign
5] What is ball tampering
6] What is Nipah virus
7] What is cardiac arrest
8] What is lunar eclipse
9] What is no confidence motion
10] What is SC ST act

Near Me…
In 2018 Google introduced a new feature, A new way of Searching Things near you. With this new feature, we can find out nearby places by adding “Near me” at the end of anything you write in Google Search. For Example, “Restaurants near me”, “Hotels near me”, “Hospitals near me” and so on. This feature was most useful and many people started using it as soon as they came to know about it. So Below are the most searched google searches that had “near me” in them. Most Searched words, most searched terms in nearest places.

1] Mobile stores near me
2] Supermarkets near me
3] Gas stations near me
4] Cashpoint near me
5] Car dealers near me
6] Massage near me
7] Pharmacies near me
8] Gynaecologist near me
9] Convenience stores near me
10] Jobs near me

Everyone knows that there is no better place that Internet to keep up-to-date with the latest news. And to browse Internet most of the Indians use Google as we read in starting. Well in 2018 we also saw that people also used Social Media to spread Fake News via the Internet, that topic aside let’s see the most searched news in 2018 in India. Most Searched words, most searched terms in news.

1] FIFA World Cup 2018
2] Karnataka election results
3] Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas Wedding
4] Statue of Unity
5] Nipah Virus
6] Bitcoin price
7] Budget 2018
8] Deepika Padukone wedding
9] Section 377
10] Sonam Kapoor marriage

Yes, Of course! How could this List be Complete if we do not add the Most Searched Person on the Internet in 2018 on Google? There were many persons who became popular this year, some of these were Indians and some were Foreigners. So below is the List of all the most searched Persons of 2018. Most Searched words, most searched terms in personalities.

1] Priya Prakash Varrier
2] Nick Jonas
3] Sapna Choudhary
4] Priyanka Chopra
5] Anand Ahuja
6] Sara Ali Khan
7] Salman Khan
8] Meghan Markle
9] Anup Jalota
10] Boney Kapoor

Our day is incomplete if we do not listen to our favorite songs once a day. Everyone has a different time of listening to them but everyone does listen to them every day. When a new song is released we often google it and download it so that we can hear it. So below is the list of Top 10 most searched songs on Google in 2018. Most Searched words, most searched terms in songs.

1] Dilbar Dilbar
2] Daru Badnaam
3] Tera Fitoor
4] Kya Baat Hai
5] Dekhte Dekhte
6] Dil Diyan Gallan
7] Long Lachi
8] Buzz song
9] Despacito
10] Prada

Our country has a huge Interest in Sports. Whether it is Cricket, Hockey, Kabaddi or Football or any other sport we now have the same type of Interest in Each Sport. Though one might like one sport only when it comes to showing support for your Country’s team, we are now more cheerful for all the sports. So below is the list of all the Sports that we searched most in 2018. Most Searched words, most searched terms in sports.

1] FIFA World Cup 2018
2] IPL 2018
3] Asia Cup 2018
4] Asian Games 2018
5] Winter Olympics
6] Commonwealth 2018
7] Wimbledon 2018
8] Pro Kabaddi 2018
9] Indian Super League
10] Australian Open 2018

In this list, we include the most searched words of all, among movies, games, songs etc. This List could be called as the Top 10 searched words on Google in 2018. So here goes the list of most Searched words, most searched terms overall.

1] FIFA World Cup 2018
2] Live score
3] IPL 2018
4] Karnataka election results
5] Baal Veer
6] Bigg Boss
7] Robot 2.0
8] Asia Cup 2018
9] Motu Patlu
10] Asian Games 2018


Now we will list the topmost Searched words, most searched terms in Category Globally. That means what did the World searched most over Google in 2018. So enjoy the list. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and letting them know that you were to first to know about this. Note that for this section also we are using Google Trends Page and not any other third-party website. This section can also be seen as Top Trending Searcher in 2018 in World.

News: Top 10 most Searched NEWS on Google in 2018
The news is something that we should all know about and Google helps us by providing every NEWS as soon as possible. Here is the List of most searched news on Google in 2018. Most Searched words, most searched terms in news.

1] World Cup
2] Hurricane Florence
3] Mega Millions Result
4] Royal Wedding
5] Election Results
6] Hurricane Michael
7] Kavanaugh Confirmation
8] Florida Shooting
9] Greve dos caminhoneiros
10] Government Shutdown

People: Top 10 most Searched Peoples on Google in 2018
Everyone One has there good or bad time. Getting Famous is one of such moment. You could get famous for being Good or Bad. Below is the list of people that got so famous that the world needed to head over the internet to know more about them. Most Searched words, most searched terms in peoples.

1] Meghan Markle
2] Demi Lovato
3] Sylvester Stallone
4] Logan Paul
5] Khloé Kardashian
6] Jair Bolsonaro
7] Brett Kavanaugh
8] Hailey Baldwin
9] Stormy Daniels
10] Cardi B

Actors: Top 10 most Searched Actors on Google in 2018
Below is the list of most searched Actors Worldwide. And we have one of Our India in the List. Most Searched words, most searched terms in Actors.

1] Sylvester Stallone
2] Logan Paul
3] Pete Davidson
4] Bill Cosby
5] Noah Centineo
6] Donald Glover
7] Allison Mack
8] Gary Oldman
9] सपना चौधरी(Sapna Choudhary)
10] Roseanne Barr

Athletes: Top 10 most Searched Athletes on Google in 2018
Below are the 10 Athletes that were searched most in 2018. There are Boxers, Cricketers and much more. Most Searched words, most searched terms in Athletes.

1] Tristan Thompson
2] Alexis Sánchez
3] Lindsey Vonn
4] Shaun White
5] Khabib Nurmagomedov
6] Kawhi Leonard
7] Naomi Osaka
8] Philippe Coutinho
9] Conor McGregor
10] Harry Kane

Loss: Top 10 most Searched Loss on Google in 2018
We lost many iconic peoples in 2018. These peoples were role models for many peoples. Losing your role model feels like that we lost everything. Below is the list of Top 10 most Searched People on Google in 2018 in the World that we lost. Most Searched words, most searched terms in loss.

1] Avicii
2] Mac Miller
3] Stan Lee
4] Anthony Bourdain
5] XXXTentacion
6] Stephen Hawking
7] Kate Spade
8] Aretha Franklin
9] Sridevi
10] Burt Reynolds

Movies: Top 10 most Searched Movies on Google in 2018
What a great year with great Movies. You have already read about the Trending movies in India in 2018 above. Now it’s time to know which movies were searches most in the World. Most Searched words, most searched terms in movies.

1] Black Panther
2] Deadpool 2
3] Venom
4] Avengers: Infinity War
5] Bohemian Rhapsody
6] A Star Is Born
7] Incredibles 2
8] The Nun
9] A Quiet Place
10] Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Musicians and Bands: Top 10 most Searched Musicians and Bands on Google in 2018
Musicians and Bands are also searched so much more among others that Google has to create a separate list for them also. Below is the list of Top 10 most Searched Musicians and Bands on Google in 2018. Most Searched words, most searched terms in musicians and bands.

1] Demi Lovato
2] Cardi B
3] Daniel Küblböck
4] Travis Scott
5] Rick Ross
6] 6ix9ine
7] 山口 達也
8] Childish Gambino
9] 吉澤 ひとみ
10] Nick Jonas

TV Shows: Top 10 most Searched TV Shows on Google in 2018
2018 was the Year of great TV shows. In India Sacred Games and Mirzapur were the top among every other show in India. But do you know if any Indian Show made it to the Top 10 Globally?? Well to your all Suprise there is one. Read the list to know about it. Most Searched words, most searched terms in TV Shows.

1] 延禧攻略
2] Altered Carbon
3] บุพเพสันนิวาส
4] मोटू पतलू(Motu Patlu)
5] Roseanne
6] The Haunting of Hill House
7] Lost in Space
8] Grande Fratello
9] Segundo Sol
10] Bodyguard

Overall: Top 10 most Searched words on Google in 2018
Below we are sharing the list of Top 10 most Searched words on Google in 2018. This list consists of Person, sports, movies, songs etc. Most Searched words, most searched terms overall.

1] World Cup
2] Avicii
3] Mac Miller
4] Stan Lee
5] Black Panther
6] Meghan Markle
7] Anthony Bourdain
8] XXXTentacion
9] Stephen Hawking
10] Kate Spade

That’s it for this Article. I know it was quite long, but hey; it was worth reading. I am sure you are going to search again for some of these things cause you did not know about them previously. So head over to Google and start doing what we always do.

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Do you want to see the list of any other Category or you want us to write about something that you want? Feel free to use the comment section and we will make it Happen. 😀

See you in the next Article. Have a Nice Day.

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