New Winamp is Coming Back in 2019

Yes, you read it right. The legendary Media Player ‘Winamp’ is re-launching in 2019 as said by the CEO of Radionomy, a company that acquired Winamp in 2014.

Alexandre the CEO of Radionomy said that “There will be a completely new version next year, with the legacy of Winamp but a more complete listening experience”.

Introduction to Winamp

For those who do not know about this legendary Media Player, let me introduce you to it. Winamp was one of the most used, and beautifully polished media player of old times. At the peak of its popularity it was preferred more than Windows Media Player or VLC. It’s UI was much more polished than that of any other media players at that time. But as we moved on in future many new Media Players emerged that took upon Winamp in many fields of features.

History of Winamp

Winamp media player was first released in 1997, and it was a popular media player that experienced a huge rise before it was sold to AOL in 2002. The last time it was updated was in 2013, but as time went by, people lost interest in it and companies stopped releasing further updates. So the news of its revival is a longstanding one. Fast forward to the recent time, about a month ago, a new beta version 5.8 was leaked online by an anonymous user. A large number of Winamp lovers downloaded the file without missing the chance. You can download this from here(link might be broken now). However, this version isn’t the stable one, so it comes with risks like software crashes and bugs.

Due to these bugs, I will advise you to wait for the official release, cause it will be heart-breaking for you to see your favorite media player crash again-and-again while you play your favorite song on it. The Company CEO has also stated that there might be an official release of Winamp 5.8 anytime this week.

What to Expect from the New Release of Winamp

Well, I would not recommend to get your hopes up because the company has not released any Screenshot of the Software that shows it UI or interface. However the CEO has discussed some of the features that include new audio format support, listen to online podcasts and radio etc. Rumors also suggest that the Winamp will also be released for Android and IOS user along with Windows users.

Wrapping Up……

So, what we can do is wait and hope for the best for ourselves. Personally, I am also a fan of Winamp so I will keep a close watch on this topic and let you guys know as soon as I found out something interesting to share with you guys.

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