People Paid 1000$ For An App That Did Nothing

Hey Guys what’s going on… Boring Day? Worry Not. Today I have got a new Tech Fact Article for you. This article is going to as exciting as Expensive this App is.

For this Article, I have gone deep into the pages of History of Mobile Applications. I am not sure that this is not the most expensive App among others available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, but this is the Most Expensive App that does Nothing and by Nothing I mean Absolutely Nothing.

So now let’s talk more about the App. This App was named “I am Rich” and was available of Apple App Store. The App was Developed by a person named “Armin Heinrich” in the year 2008. The Apple App Store was also founded on July 10, 2008, so we can conclude that this App was one of the first to be listed on the Apple App Store.

To be Exact:

The app was Named: I Am Rich
Release Date: August 5, 2008
App Size: 0.1 MB

App UI

On launching the App the screen only contains a glowing red gem and an icon that, when pressed, displays the following mantra in large text :

I am rich
I deserv it
I am good,
healthy & successful

Note: The spelling of ‘deserve’ is not mistaken above. It is written the same as it was in the App.

The application is described as “a work of art with no hidden function at all”, with its only purpose being to show other people that they were able to afford it. The price tag ‘999.99$’ is the highest price Apple allowed for App Store content. The application was removed from the App Store without explanation by Apple Inc. the day after its release, August 6, 2008. That means 8 downloads within 24 Hours.


Out of eight people who bought the App, one claimed to have done so accidentally. The app was bought by six people in the US and two from Europe. This resulted in an income of 5,600$ for developer and 2,400$ for Apple. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Heinrich told the newspaper that Apple had refunded two purchasers of his app, and that he was happy not to have dissatisfied customers

Follow Up

Discussing the App many specialists, Tech websites, and Newspapers described the App as “scam”, “worthless”, and finally “a joke that smells like a scammy rip-off”. Some people also described I Am Rich as a waste of money to “prove you’re a jerk”. The App faced a large amount of criticism from many personalities.

To answer these critics Heinrich told The Los Angeles Time Newspaper that he had received correspondence from satisfied customers, “I’ve got e-mails from customers telling me that they really love the app [… and that they had] no trouble spending the money.”

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Similar Applications

The next year, Heinrich released I Am Rich LE. Priced at US$9.99 (equivalent to $11.72 in 2019), the new app has several new features (including a calculator, “help system” and the “famous mantra without the spelling mistakes.”) to meet Apple’s requirement that apps have “definable content”. Some customers were disappointed by the new functionality, poorly rating the app due to its ostensible improvements.

On February 23, 2009, CNET Asia reported on the “conceptually similar” app, I Am Richer, developed by Mike DG for Google’s Android smartphone operating system. The app was released on the Android Market for the cost of US$200 (equivalent to $234.66 in 2018), a limit imposed by Google, who had no objection to the application.

With the same name, the I Am Rich that was released on the Windows Phone Marketplace on December 22, 2010, was developed by DotNetNuzzi. Described by MobileCrunch as equally useless as the original, this app cost US$499.99 (equivalent to $577.16 in 2018), the price cap imposed by Microsoft.

Wrapping Up

This was all about how unexpected the Future is. So go on and create your own “Nothing App” and start Earning. Have a nice day….. See you in the next Article

Source : WikiPedia and YouTube

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