Quick Technology News Round-Up: Week 11(Mar 12 – Mar 18).

Quick Technology News Round-Up: Week 11(Mar 12 – Mar 18).

Hi there,welcome to Global Technology updates now in this session we are going to start a Quick Technology News Round-Up series in which you will know about most popular technology-related news at one place that is GTU (Global Technology updates), yes friends you heard right and we will upload this series in every week, we will try to share a lots of technology related news.

So friends without any further due let’s start our series.

Date 2018-03-12:: QC1 Cryptocoin Miner uses CPU Heat to Warm Up your Room.

As you know that it’s age of cryptocurrency and every people want to get it free from any sources.Now here QC1 is the crypto heater and its ability to warm up your room while its mines crypto coins and a heater is using the heat released from the GPUs during mining to warm up the room. basically QC1 mines Ethernet and if you want to use it heater so you need to provide a better internet connection and configure the heater by the app.Read More…..

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Date 2018-03-12::Debian 9.4 Stretch GNU/Linux Released With 150+ Fixes:Update Now.

The main thing is that if you are using most popular Linux distro so you will get timely update from the development team and nowadays ago development team released the Debian 9.4 “stretch”, actually Debian 9.4 is made for to prevent security issues and Debian 9.4 totally bug fixes for security, if you use the previous version of Debian so you will not miss much more updates because Debian 9.4 should not be seen as major version and it doesn’t come with any features.If you want to know what’s the new updates in Debian 9.4 that is like Drupal, Thunderbird, Firefox, Linux Kernel, Tor, Wireshark.Read More…

Date 2018-03-13:: Samsung Galaxy S9 is hard to Repair.

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ if you are making decision to buy it so before taking decision look here teardown reviews by iFixit you will know everything about Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, if you are thinking that disassembling process of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ is easy so you are thinking wrong this is not easy because this phone has several modular components. In another hand. Galaxy S9 has great features like Dual aperture rear camera. It has two rotating, ring-like, has blades for auto adjustment and much more features are added in Galaxy S9 and in Galaxy S9+.Read More…..

Date 2018-03-14:: Physics Pioneer Stephen Hawking is No More, Dies peacefully at 76.

Professor Stephen Hawking was the great scientist during this time, the world lost a great physics pioneer Stephen Hawking. He passed away from us during the early hours of Wednesday at his home in Cambridge. Children’s of Stephen Hawking Lucy, Robert, and Tim said in a statement:”We have deeply saddened that our father passed away today”. As you all know that Stephen Hawking was a great scientist and an extraordinary man. Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942, in Oxford, England. After completing his school, he went to Oxford University for his undergraduate and later did a Ph.D. at Cambridge.Read More…..

Date 2018-03-14:: Researchers Discover 13 Critical Vulnerabilities in RYZEN and EPYC.

“Backdoor” is a critical vulnerability and CTS Labs’ researchers found in AMD CPUs and they warned that if you are using/running AMD Ryzen, Ryzen mobile, Ryzen Pro and other product on system so you might be at risk, basically CPUs chips contains backdoor that is a vulnerability and is able to exploit very important data from targeted devices by Hackers/attackers. Actually, researchers described/found approximately 13 critical vulnerabilities in AMD’s processor architecture. Be aware if you running these type of chips in your System or platform.Read More.

Date 2018-03-16:: Linux Beats Windows To Become The Most popular Development Platform: Stack Overflow Survey 2018.

If you are thinking that (What’s Stack Overflow?) so the answer is that Stack Overflow is a Question and Answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. Actually every year, Stack Overflow conducts developer survey and shares its result with the public for analysis. This year more than 100,000 developers joined the survey for 30 minutes and they said about technologies, about the experience of them, which they took and much more.

The most popular development platform for the developer is Linux because a lot of developers prefer to do work with Linux, this year’s data shows you more than 48.3% developers have preferred Linux to done work this year.Read More…

Date 2018-03-16:: Facebook releases express Wi-Fi app on play store.

Every people uses internet and whose people who want to buy or purchase best internet connection from local business owners which are operating Wi-Fi hotspots services as “Wi-Fi Zones” in their city so don’t worry recently Facebook released an Android-based Express Wi-Fi app which can be download from Google play store, this app helps users to find best internet connection services around their and they easily find it by this awesome app.Read More…

Date 2018-03-16:: Google Assistant can now speak in Hindi.

Everyone know is that Google Assistant speaks English as well as in many languages but recently Google has an update for Google Assistant that is able to speak in the Hindi language. The third most spoken language in the world, this update supports for Android version 6.0(Marshmallow) and greater than 6.0(Marshmallow).Read More…

Date 2018-03-18:: IBM recently unveiled the world’s smallest computer.

On the day of IBM “Think 2018” a very big thing happened is that IBM engineers have created world’s smallest computer that is small than a grain of salt, yes, you read that right. This computer is really very small, if you want to see it so you will need a microscope to see it perfectly, the size of this is 1 x 1 nm.Read More…

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