Quick Technology News Round-Up: Week 12(Mar 19 – Mar 25)

Quick Technology News Round-Up: Week 12(Mar 19 – Mar 25)


Hi there this is the second part of our newly started News Series. In every post of the series we cover All the Technology News that have happened in the previous week. Previously we released a post for week 11 now this post is for Week 12. You can see the previous post linked at the bottom of the post. So lets move on to all the changes in technology that took place last week.

Date 2018-03-25 : PM Modi’s Android App caught collecting users personal Data.

Many People use Android Smartphones in India and Most of them use it to stay connected to the News World around them. So to provide these news there are Various apps and PM Modi’s App is one of them. But we trust these apps to not to share our personal information with others, but when an App is found doing such thing it’s not a good experience for the users. Read More about what happened when PM Modi’s App was found stealing your data – Read Here.

Date 2018-03-26 : Hackers Exploiting 5-year-old Flaw To Turn Linux Machines Into Cryptomining Bots

Yes it’s happening again and there is no sign of it getting slow. With the rise in Cryptocurrency prices, hacker have found a new way of making money off others computers. In this attempt we have already seen many malware that do such kind of things and this one is also not different to them. Read more about it here……..

Date 2018-03-24 : Elon Musk Deletes his company’s Facebook Pages.

This is another blow to Facebook as one after another many Famous People are coming forward and Supporting Delete Facebook Campaign. Elon Musk did the same when he deleted Four Official Pages of his Company From Facebook. These pages have Millions in Following. This seems to be a huge loss to Facebook as Elon’s this move will inspire many other Facebook users and others companies to do the same. Read More Here……

Date 2018-03-23 : MIT’s New Device Harvests Water From Dry Air In Desert

As the Polution is increasing on Earth and the Natural Resources are slowing moving toward their end, the scientist have been researching on new methods to reproduce them. MIT’s new effort focuces towards the same for Producing Water. Read More Here……

Date 2018-03-22 : 15-Year-Old Exposes Vulnerabilities In Ledger’s Nano S Cryptocurrency Wallet

As the Value of Cryptocurrency have increased it has lured the attension of many Hackers as Well as Security Researchers. Where hackers use vulnerablity for there profit on the other hand security researchers find it and informs the respective company so that these may be patched. In the simillar attemp a 15 year old boy founded a Vulnerability in a Crypto Wallet. Read More About it here…….

Date 2018-03-22: Memory bug found in GNOME shell of Ubuntu 18.04

Gnome is default environment of Ubuntu platform from many years, and here new bug found in Gnome. actually many users of Ubuntu 17.10 have observed that Linux is running with Gnome shell 3.26.2. And bug is also presented in Ubuntu 17.04 which is running with Gnome shell, and this shell works when system is normally running with some powerful software.Let me explain you how it works, if when are minimizing you window, and when you are opening the overview, and switching the window then bug is able to leak memory.Read More….

Date 2018-3-21:”123Movies” is biggest pirate movie site in currently shuting down as officially.

The most popular “123Movies” streaming site is now going to shut down permanently. GoMovies has officially announced that we are going to shut down this website permanently.Actually a message posted on the officially website “123Movies”. This website’s annoucement comes only a few days after being branded as the “most illegal site in the world” by the Motion Picture Association of America. Read More…

Date 2018-03-21:WhatsApp Co-founder Tells Everyone To Delete Facebook:”It is Time”.

In a tweet on Tuesday, even WhatsApp Co-founder Brian Acton to delete their social networking account from their difital life. It’s worth nothing that Acton sold this company for 19 billion dollar to Facebook in 2014.For those who don’t know #deletefacebook movement is a result of a massive data breach scandal that involved a voterprofilling company Cambridge Analytica, which gathered the information of 50 million Facebook users. Read More….

Date 2018-03-20:Play Android Games in Play Store Without Downloading Them, Here is How.

Google has redesigned google play Games app, and its is the Google play Instant feature that allows users to play trial games without downloading them.The Google Play Instant is now in the play store, but it only has a handful of android games offering trials at the moment such as mighty battles etc. you can take trials of the game’s full native experience quickly without any major delay given that you have a good internet connection. Read More……

Date 2018-03-20:ExaDrive DC100: World’s Highest Capacity SSD Breaks “100TB” Mark.

The storage company has announced their new 3D NAND Flash memory-based server SSD with a 100 TB capacity. In other words, it’s a digital warehouse that can store 200 million songs, 20,000 HD movies, or 2,000 iPhones worth of data.It was only last month when Samsung launched the world’s highest capacity SSD PM1643 with a storage capacity of 30TB. Just a month later, the limit has been broken by Nimbus Data. Read More…

That’s was all the special in the previous week. We will keep this series going on so that you could get all the News at one Place and only need to read What is important for you.


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