Some Tech Facts about USB, Emails, Alarm Clock, Mouse, Ads and Android 3.0

Hi Guys. Welcome to Global Technology Updates. As we know Technology is all around us. Like Alarm Clock, USB, emails, computer mouse etc. But i am sure you guys does not know these awesome facts about these things. So Are you guys ready? Let’s start! How many of you used USB port? Almost all of us because its a very common port. Do you use Email? Yes! Also Emails are very common in today’s life and soo as all other items written in title. So let’s test that you guys know these facts or not.

1] USB

All of us has been used USB (Universal Serial Bus) port and its mostly used port. Whenever we want to use USB frequently we plug USB in wrong side and it happens to everyone. Do You Know It was developed by a Indian Developer, Ajay Bhatt in 1995. Interesting thing is 86% of people try to plug their USB device upside down.

2] Emails

Who came first the chicken or the egg? No body knows. Ok then tell me who came first World wide web or Email? Mostly peoples says that World wide web came first But you are wrong. Do You Know emails came before the world wide web in 1965 used at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3] Alarm Clock

Many of us use the alarm clock and mostly using a mobile phone instead of alarm clock now. But it helps us a lot to do some works on time. But Do You Know The first alarm clock was designed by Levi Hutchins(1787) and it could only ring at 4 am. And the interesting point is An adjustable alarm clock was not created for another 60 years. Then a French inventor Antoine Redier (1847)Created an adjustable mechanical alarm clock.

4] Mouse

Do you use the mouse? What a silly question? every computer user uses the mouse along with the computer. But Do You Know Douglas Engelbart created the very first mouse in 1964? The material which is used to create mouse is Wood

5] Advertisement

Sometimes we see the banner advertisement on some website and most of us don’t like that. We use adblocker to stop ads. The worst thing is popup ads but Do you know when the banner advertisement started. The first banner advertisement was used in 1994.

6] Android 3.0

Many of us are using Android smartphones from a long time and i started to use from 2.3 and now reached to 7.1 but most us thought that Android 3.0 never came. After 2.3 directly 4.0 has been coming but actually Android 3.0 was released. Android 3.0 is never used in any smartphone. it’s only developed for Tablets and only used in Tablets. so you can see that in Samsung’s old tablets

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