SpaceX Falcon 9s vertical on pads 39A and 40 in Florida

Space x dropped off the organized launch of a cargo ship due to bad whether conditions
The mission space X 26th cargo CRS 26 will resupply the launch to the international space station. CRS 26 will carry about 7700 pounds of materials stuffed with equipment’s space X will attempt again on Saturday to send CCR 26 mission to (international space station) ISS space x falcon 9 rocket was planed to launched on Tuesday 3:54 pm from NASA Kennedy space centre but with the possibility of Falcon 9 to strike the Lightning space X dropped of the mission for safety reasons.
Reschedule to be launched on Saturday 26th of November at 2:20 p.m. it will be launched from complex 39a at the agencies Kennedy space centre in Florida .

Rocket :- Space x Falcon 9, CRS 26
Agency :- NASA- contracted space x CRS-26 mission
Launched at :- 2:20 pm EST
Weather conditions :- 60% “go”
Launched from :- pad 39A at kennedy space centre
Orbit :- northeast

These are the four cube sides which are hitching a ride on the mission for NASA educational launch of Nano satellites:-

  1. Calculation of actuator response in MARIO will include telescope to an existing cubes at in low Earth orbit.
  2. A joint mission called (SPORT) scintillation prediction observation research task between America and Brazil will search for the situation that will lead to produce plasma bubbles
  3. How the plasma bubbles and blobs affect the GPS, radar signal and communication will be find out by petitsat.
  4. Thomas Jefferson High school for science and technology’s research and education vehicle for evaluating radio broadcast (TJREVERB). evaluated by high school students it will asses the consistency and strength of a rhythm radio signals the main way we connect with Cubeset.
    Space launch delta 45 meteorologist said.” The chance the periodic weather break occurs during the instantaneous launch window remains low”.
    There will be already a drone ship station in the Atlantic ocean for the Falcon 9 booster after the launch it will bounce for return to attempt a landing.
    Sara Walker the director of space X dragon mission management has reported a leak in thermal control system loop was detected during prelanding processing that system is responsible for cooling the inside of the dragon capsule.
    She has also said that they were working to correct the control loop issue and it was being done up by the space x at kennedy space centre heading into the weekend she also stated that CRS 26 cargo spacecraft is the final newly manufactured one to be produced by space X and further she said after this cargo dragon mission will be forwarded by one of three capsules that will have already visited the ISS.

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