The Awesome Advantages of Using Telegram App

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I am going to show you about telegram app and its advantages, as you know that telegram is messaging app and this app provide a suitable environment to share your photos and videos. Telegram messenger application focusing on higher security and boost up its speed to sent data one mobile to another mobile. This messaging app is able to share approximately (up to 1 GB) data.

Let’s talk about telegram advantages

Telegram is more security providing messaging application than any other messenger application and basically you can see its security and privacy encryption technique which are example of its security by using secret chat feature.

Telegram provides fast messaging service, it has immediate support as real time support is available on telegram that’s why user can contact the company for any kind of question ,and it has a FAQ feature so that a user can ask inquiries related question to the app and this feature you can find easily under setting section.

User can share photos, videos, audio as part of their messages, it is highly authentic messaging app and you will not lose a large amount of data until you upload or download bigger files, chatting requires only bytes of data, and personalization of telegram is very nice provides by backgrounds and sounds.

It has no adverting, and of course it is totally free , there  is no usage cost company asking after certain period, it is more suitable to use and faster than other communication methods at one time. Telegram is free forever and you can easily download it from play store, it has no premium content, no subscription fees. It can be used on multiple devices.

Telegram provides a large amount of storage to save or downloads files, and it is provides cloud storage because we can stores or save files on cloud. You will never lose the data that you shared , and you able to access the same from more than one device.

It has the self-destruction mode that enable all the chats to work inerrably and messages were delivered without delay, so , it is one of the fastest messenger apps available. It keeps your messages safe from the hacker attacks, you can connect from most remote location.

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Let’s talk about telegram’s trick and secrets

You well know advantages of telegram messaging app, based on its features here are some most awesome tricks of telegram.

(1)Turn Off Message Preview

while message previews on the notification shade are useful, they also let anyone see your personal messages if they are near you or using your phone.

To do it , go to Telegram’s Settings->Notification and Sounds and turn off “Message Preview”.

(2)Set Custom Notifications And LED Color (Android only)

Telegram not only lets you select a custom notification for each of your contacts, you can even set an individual notification LED color. To set a custom notification, go to a setting and tap “Notification and Sounds” where you will find option to change notification, vibrate pattern, sound, priority and LED color.

(3) Manage Media Downloads

You are able to send data up to 1.5 GB by of telegram messaging app and you send any file along with the usual media files. You can set the media files you want to download when using mobile data, WiFi or roaming. You can also enable or disable “Autoplay GIFs” and “Save to Gallery”. You will find these options in Setting->>Data and Storage->>Automatic media download.

(4) Enable Pop-up Notification To Reply Directly From The Homescreen (Android only)

By the using of this feature you are able to reply from you mobile homescreen. You can enable pop-up notification in Settings->>Popup Notification and set it to “Always show”.

(5) Set Self-Destruct Timer In Secret Chat

Telegram’s “Secret chats” is extremely a popular feature, as it brings end-to-end encryption. To set the timer, hit the three dot button in a secret chat and tap “set self-destruct timer”. Then, select the timer after which you want the message to destruct.

(6) Hide Last Seen For Particular Users

You can block a particular contact from seeing your last seen time. This feature of telegram is similar to WhatsApp but Telegram adds a very interesting feature that is Hide last seen.

You can find this option in Telegram’s Setting->>Privacy and Security->>Last Seen. Here you can set your last seen to be seen by “Everybody”, “Contact”, ”Nobody” and add exceptions for the same.

(7) Search Messages

Everybody want to read old messages of yours but don’t want to scroll all time on mobile screen so here Telegram makes it easy, as it lets you search within chat messages. If you want to search a particular topic which you want to read then go to any individual or group chat and tap the three dot button and select “Search”.

(8) Check Active Sessions

The good thing with Telegram is that Telegram allows multiple session, which means you can access your chat on multiple device. Telegram lets you check you active sessions on different devices in setting->>Privacy and Security->>Active Session. Here, you can terminate other session and even log out of other devices.

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