The Best Alternatives To UC Browser

The Best Alternatives To UC Browser.

Hii there, Welcome to Global Technology Updates and guys if you have noticed that UC Browser was not available on Google Play Store during 14-Nov-2017 to 21-Nov-2017 but today’s date UC Browser is available on Google Play Store.What was the main reason to remove UC Browser from Google Play Store? all the important things you will in this article to read this article till the end.

NOTE: UC Browser is available on Google Play Store and Download Link – DOWNLOAD

Why are we Telling You About Alternatives of UC Browser??? Read Below.

 On 13-Nov-2017 UC Web company which is owned by Alibaba Group of China got an email through Google Play Store and in this email have some highlighted reason Why UC is no longer on Google Play Store for 7 days?.

The email statement noted “We were informed by Google Play about temporary removal of UC Browser from Google Play Store for 7 days.” and the main reason was that “a certain set of UC Browser is not in line with Google’s policy. We have conducted an argument internal investigation and fixed the following problem.”,and here are some other reason of UC Browser to remove from Google Play Store is that Canadian technology research grout said “UC browser leaks sensitive user data and other private data.” so that’s why these are the main reason of UC Browser for removal from Google Play Store.

In Addition to this we all know that UC Browser has also started showing various News on the Apps Home Screen. It also gives notification about these news and most of the time these news are Adult News, which is not appropriate for many peoples. On a lighter note UC browser has added many new features, due to which it makes may Android Devices run slower and takes most of the space in the Memory. So for all the Peoples facing this issue we decided to introduce you to best alternatives to UC Browser.

The Best Alternative To UC Browser.

Here is 4 great alternatives to UC browser are listed below.

#1 Chrome

Highlights of the App:

Downloads: more than 1 billion
User Registered on the App: more than 9 million
Size:46 MB (Approx)
Developed by: Google LLC


Google Chrome is the best browser for everyone and it is very easy to use and navigate, which is highly secure and privacy protected browser, and this is web browser which support varies language to sort out any problem which is getting user in his’s personalization is very powerful and it takes more features for his users, extra features like Downloads, search, and translate are built-in.Some other great features are “Browse fast and type less”, “Incognito Browsing”, “Sync Chrome Across Devices”, “All your favourite content, one tap away”, “Protect phone with Google Safe Browsing”,”Google Voice Search”, “Google Translate built-in”,”Save Mobile data”,”Smart personalised recommendations”.

#2 Firefox Browser fast & private

Highlights of the App:

Downloads: more than 100 million
User Registered on the App: more than 3 million
Size:32 MB (Approx)
Developed by: Mozilla


Firefox Browser has to download millions of times and we can understand the power of Firefox Browser, it’s fully protected from hackers and this is very easy to operate, it has better personalization and independent browser, Firefox is known as most trusted internet company for privacy, security, and policy.Firefox Browser is made for those users which are want to take best experiences with it and it helps to protect everything.Firefox browser search effectively and intelligently without any problem.

#3 Opera Mini – fast web browser

Highlights of the App:

Downloads: more than 100 million
User Registered on the App: more than 4 million
Size:7.4 MB (Approx)
Developed by: Opera


Opera Mini is the best alternative to UC browser this is fully true because it saves a ton of data and let’s do you everything that you want to do online without internet and any data provides safe browsing without any problems.There are most powerful features which are listed here: “Block ads, Video download, Add to home screen”.

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Joy Of Android has done very deep testing about browsers and published report for 17 of them. Their work definitely deserves some attention. Check out their article by clicking on the link below.

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