Hi Guys. Well as clear by the title we all know that there are TWO SIDES to every COIN so as it is with every thing around as. There are many benefits of AI and on the other hand there are Consequences.

Because AI Learns to take decisions by studying humans but it can not conclude that how that decision is going to be after that decision is being taken. But humans can think of consequences of a particular decision before they take that decision. So friends in this post we are going to see that How AI has a Dark Side.

There are some dark side of the AI, one is on the AI itself while the other is on the humanity. The problem with the AI is no one can understands it and with their huge neural system and multi-layer design, it doesn’t packed with reasoning. Until now, there’s no notable development to make a reasoning algorithm.

If there’s any problem with the AI, say automated-car crash, no one could understand why it happens. In unimaginable way, if the robots packed with AI and decided to attack humanity for instance, they just learn how human works in their environment without learning the reason behind it. They can be placed on the war area and “learn things”.

This is the limit of the AI and we should keep it limited to not too completely replace the ins and outs of humanity. AI doesn’t learn how we think, it learns how we doing things and make a multi-layered patterns on that basis. AI might can decide to do something but without considering anything. This is the difference between the AI and humanity.

But now, human beings are eager to leave the consideration to the AI that can’t make even one in many situations. From the small things like taking pictures to the large ones like loan applications. We digitalized everything so we now think like an AI that leads us to artificial autism.

Based on that fact, we should rethink about applying AI to our lives. While it make our lives kind of easier, it could be a disaster for us as well too.

So friends what you think about this awesome post which is about “The Dark Side Of AI”? Just share your thoughts in comment box.

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