Top 10 Best Text Editors for Programming in 2018

Top 10 Best Text Editors for Programming in 2018

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Hi guys, Welcome to Global Technology Updates. Today I will introduce you to the Top 10 best Text Editors for Programming in 2018. In this list, we will cover all major text editors with their major advantages and disadvantages.

Programmers face all type of struggle when it comes to choosing a default Text Editor. Because the features a particular persons like are present separately in different text editors so it becomes annoying sometimes. But I wish as you go through this list you will find the perfect Text Editor for your daily use. So keep reading the post 😉 .

Starting the List of Top 10 Best Text Editors for Programming in 2018

1] Sublime Text Editor

The sublime text editor is one of the best text editor for programming. It is a great alternative for IDE and is mainly focused on features. It is lightweight so that you can use it with your Potato PC. It is favourite text editor of many web designers. It has many features to play with like themes, plugins, custom settings etc.

But as you know nothing is perfect so it is with this editor. Now let’s see some of its Pros and Cons(Advantages and Disadvantages).

1] Easy to use and simple UI.
2] Has Multi-Line Editing and Selection.
3] UI Theme is customizable.
4] Has tons of Plugins Available.

1] Higher Loading Time
2] No Frequent Updates.
3] Plugins are not up to the mark.


2] VIM

Vim is one of the oldest text editor in the history of Computers. The word ‘VIM’ stands for ‘Vi Improved’.

Vim is widely popular among the field of developers who like to totally customize the look of their editor. Vim has gained high popularity because it is available for every UNIX and Windows based Operating System. It is also popular because it supports full keyboard operations without the need of the Mouse.

Now listing the Pros and Cons.

1] Open Source and Totally Free.
2] Fully operatable by Keyboard
3] Performs great with large files.
4] Also has Tons of Plugins Available.

1] It takes time to get used to.
2] Modern Programming Languages need some plugins for Full Support.


Atom is also one of the equally famous text editor among others in our list of ‘Top 10 Best Text Editors for Programming in 2018’. It is not a very old Text editor and was released a Year ago. It has most of the features as same as Sublime Text Editor. Now we will discuss it’s Pros and Cons.

1] Open Source and Free to Use.
2] Easy to use for beginner.
3] Tons of packages.
4] Uses CoffeeScript to write packages.

1] Not suitable for Potato PC (PC’s with lower RAM and Memory).
2] Can not handle large files. Maximum capacity is 10MB.


4] Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a compact version of Visual Studio launched by Microsoft. It is made compact in size for the developers who don’t like the massive size of original Visual Basic Studio which was over 3 GB in size. Although it is developed by Microsoft it is an Open source and lightweight. It has 30+ Language support as of right now.

1] It has support for 30+ Languages.
2] Due to small size, it has fast processing and installation

1] Updating on Linux is somewhat headache.
2] Need to extension support improvement.


5] Notepad++

Notepad++ is also one of the widely used Text Editor for Programming. Like most of the other Text Editors, it is also Open Source. It is a resemblance of Vanilla Text Editor and improves its features in every way possible. A large Number of Programming languages are Supported without the need for any other plugins. It is also lightweight and can handle large files easily.

It also has the support of Tons of Plugins waiting out there to extend its functionality. Now We will discuss some of its Pros and Cons.

1] It is Extensible using Plugins.
2] It comes with Multi-View Support.
3] Supports Syntax Folding and Syntax Highlighting.

1] Not the Best UI like other text editors out there.
2] Too easy to use.


6] Brackets

The last editor we will explore in details is Brackets. It falls in the same category with last four editors with the ‘Open Source’ tag. It is not usable for universal development but is awesome for front-end development.

1] It is mainly focused on Web Designing Purpose.
2] It has great UI, and It is lightweight.
3] Offers Live Preview.

1] Has limited Support for Web Designing languages.
2] Not up to the line as compared to other text editors.

An Honourable Mention to some other text editor out there.

With a large number of text editor out there, it is not possible to detail every one of these. That is why I am listing some of the least Known text editors in our list of Top 10 Best Text Editors for Programming in 2018.

1] Light Table

2] TextPad

3] Geany

4] Gedit

Wrapping Up

A text editor is like a sword for the programmer so, it is up to the person that how he/she uses it to get the best out of that text editor. That’s all from my end. If you think I have missed something or I have made a mistake somewhere or you have something to say then please take a moment to inform us in the comment or using the Contact Us page.

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