Two Programming Languages to get a Job in 2019

Hey guys, how is 2019 going? Good? Not so Good? Well, I am here to make is just somewhat better. Today we are going to look at two programming languages that will definitely get you a Job in 2019. I will also add the best Resources to learn them as a beginner. So stick around till the end and you will learn some great stuff.

The Two Programming Languages that you should learn to get a Job in 2019 are going to be JAVAScript and Python. First of all, we will see how JAVAScript can get you a job, then it’s Advantages, and the best resources to learn it and the same outline for Python.


JavaScript is one of the most used and demanded programming language among others. It has a bright future and with the help of various libraries that are added to it almost every day, JavaScript grows stronger. If you are new at JavaScript let me tell you that “JavaScript is as relatable to JAVA, as a Carpet to Car”. So if you know JAVA then it is not going to help a lot. With evergrowing library support and a large field of uses, JavaScript is surely the one you can bet upon. Now let’s go ahead and know more about JavaScript.

The most used field of JAVAScript is Web Development. Without JAVAScript none of the websites can function Dynamically. JAVAScript can also be defined as “BackBone” of a Website. Rather than Web Development JAVAScript is also used for:

Input Validation: JavaScript can be used to validate the input. Data entered informs should be validated before it is processed.

Mouse Rollover Effects: JavaScript can be used to create different buttons with interesting mouse rollover effects. It makes browsing more interesting and attractive.

Popup Windows: JavaScript can be used to create popup windows. These windows are normally used to display important announcements, offers, and news etc.

Dynamic Contents: JavaScript can be used to generate dynamic contents in a website. Different HTML tags can be generated based on the user input etc.

User Interaction: JavaScript can be used to interest with the user. The input entered by the user can be processed and the proper message can be displayed to the user. The interactive capabilities of a website make it more interesting and productive for the users.

We know that all these purposes of JAVAScript are not going to be extinct anytime soon. Like People are not going to stop creating websites.

Now We Will See Advantages of JAVAScript.

Interpreted languages: JavaScript is an interpreted language. It requires no compilation process so no compiler is required. The browser interprets JavaScript as it HTML tags.

Easy to learn: The syntax of JavaScript is very easy. Any person can learn it very easily and use it to develop dynamic and attractive websites.

Easy to Debug and Test: JavaScript code is interpreted line by line. The errors are indicated along with line number. It is very easy to find error in the code, correct it and test it again.

Event-Based Programming: JavaScript is an event-based language. It means that different code segment are executed when a certain event occurs. For example, a code segment may execute when the user clicka button or moves a mouse over an object etc.

Procedural Capabilities: JavaScript provides all capabilities of a procedural language. It provides condition checking, loops and branching facilities that can be executed on a web page.

Platform Independence: JavaScript is a platform independent language. Any JavaScript-enabled browser can understand and interpreted JavaScript code. Any JavaScript code is executed on different types of hardware a JavaScript program written for.

Best Resources to Learn JAVAScript as a Beginner…

I will add only the Important ones and where you can learn as a beginner.

1] WhatDev’s YouTube Channel : Click Here
2] Website and their YouTube Channel
3] W3School Website : Click Here


Python is getting popular faster than any other Programming Language. Python is Official Language of Google. I bet you did not know this one. Google even supports the development of Python programming language and sponsors various Python conferences like PyCon. Python developers are some of the highest paid developers, particularly in the fields of data science, machine learning, and web development. Average salaries from $70,000 USD to $150,000 USD, depending upon experience, location, and area of specialty.

Python is used for latest technology trends like Data Science, Machine Learning, Automation and much more are listed below

Uses of Python

1] Most of the core search algorithms at Google are written in Python and C++.
2] Various build systems, log analysis, code review tools etc are written in Python by Googlers.
3] Lots of Open Source libraries.
4] Various Data and API libraries like Google Data Python Client Library, Google APIs Client Library for Python and Google AdWords API Python Client Library.
5] YouTube: Previously it was written in PHP but eventually it was replaced by Python and the site uses Python heavily for various purposes like view video etc.
6] One of the main website for hosting for Google developers as well.
7] And currently, most of the Machine Learning, AI as well as robotics projects at Google are implemented using Python and lots of C++.

Now We Will See Advantages of Python.

Easy Syntax: Python’s syntax is easy to learn, so both non-programmers and programmers can start programming right away.

Readability: Python’s syntax is very clear, so it is easy to understand program code. The syntax of Python is almost identical to the simplified “pseudo-code” used by many programmers to prototype and describe their solution to other programmers. Thus Python can be used to prototype and test code which is later to be implemented in other programming languages

High-Level Language: Python looks more like a readable, human language than like a low-level language. This gives you the ability to program at a faster rate than a low-level language will allow you.

Object-oriented programming: Object-oriented programming allows you to create data structures that can be re-used, which reduces the amount of repetitive work that you’ll need to do. Programming languages usually define objects with namespaces, like class or def, and objects can edit themselves by using the keyword, like this or self.

It’s Free: Python is both free and open-source. The Python Software Foundation distributes pre-made binaries that are freely available for use on all major operating systems called CPython. You can get CPython’s source-code, too. Plus, you can modify the source code and distribute as allowed by CPython’s license.

Cross-platform: Python runs on all major operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Widely Supported: Python has an active support community with many websites, mailing lists, and USENET “netnews” groups that attract a large number of knowledgeable and helpful contributes.

It’s Safe: Python doesn’t have pointers like other C-based languages, making it much more reliable. Along with that, errors never pass silently unless they’re explicitly silenced. This allows you to see and read why the program crashed and where to correct your error.

Best Resources to Learn Python as a Beginner…

First of all Prefer this PDF file: Download File

The Complete Python MasterClass
Python Fundamentals by Pluralsight
5 Courses to Learn Data Science and Machine learning
10 Free Python Programming EBooks and PDF
Top 5 Courses to Learn Python in 2019

Wrapping Up…

That’s everything for today’s article. The thing that I wanted you guys to conclude from this article is to learn and try every possible language you can. Then select the one that appeals you the most and then master that one programming language. I chose these two languages because these are going to be demanding in the future. If you choose any other than these make sure that programming language is going to be as useful as JavaScript and Python in the future.

Keep Learning…… Have a Nice Day……. See you in Next Article……

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