USB Type-C Charger to be made necessary for all Devices sold in India

India will very soon move towards a common charger policy. Phone charger will change forever very soon. A single charger for laptops and tablets is coming to India. The industry has also made an agreement with the government that we should use Type C chargers everywhere in the future and you will see that it will be a great step for our environment. It will be beneficial because there will be a huge amount of reduction in e waste generation. You will not have to keep many charging cords at a time .Apart from that, your money will also be saved.

First of all in today’s time these are the main types of chargers that are USB type-C , USB type A which are commonly used in computers. If you want to do computer typing, then you use it there. For Android phones there are USB Type C or USB Micro A or USB Micro B these are the three types of chargers which are mostly used in India. If you are an apple user than most probably you will get the Lightning Port. If a man has an iPad, an Android phone, a laptop which is very common. In today’s time, whether it’s a college student or someone else. in future you will see The same type of charger Which is Type C Android and Apple will also have to adopt and whether it is headphone jack or any other type, Type C will be used there and it is not that India is the first country Which will do all this, which we were thinking of doing in India,
It will take time from 1 to 2 years. European Union was the first to adapt this procedure because the electronic waste was increasing day by in Europe and it is not at all easy to dispose electronic waste , You have to spend energy separately to destroy e-waste . according to the parliament, the new mandate is expected to make life easier for EU residents by saving money, reducing the number of cords in chargers in their life, and ultimately reducing electronic waste (e-waste). Disposed of unused chargers report for about 11,000 tones of e-waste annually in Europe. so what happened recently. European union countries started voting and overwhelmingly almost every country agreed to it and said it’s high time to use type c Apple is the only company that is not agreeing. If they have to drive their own Lightning bolt then it is the European Grand. Just told apple to change their charging port, and start using Type C . Let’s talk about what benefit users will get from this.

According to an ASSOCHAM-EY report, India is estimated to produce around 100,000 tones of e-waste within the next few years. This number is just below China and even lower than the United States. This would lead to India generating less electronic waste than other countries, therefore making it easier to recycle products.

The ministry’s move comes in the scenery of the concept of LIFE – Lifestyle for the Environment announced by the Prime Minister at the UN Climate Change Conference (CoP 26) held in Glasgow in November last year. In addition, the Union Cabinet has also approved India’s updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC). According to the NDC, India has committed to reducing the emission intensity of the GDP by 45% by 2030. Has Modi said that it should be made a mass movement with Type C port if we use things unnecessarily. We’ll have to pay good money for that.


In India, to connect your iPad or iPhone to speakers with regular 3.5mm audio ports, need to buy a Lightning to 3.5mm audio cable for Rs 3400; A Lightning cable that can connect to USB-C will cost Rs 2000. On the other hand, you can buy a regular ‘Type C charger cable’ from any e-marketplace for as low as Rs 200-350.


The UBC Type-C charger is faster in comparison with Apple’s lighting charger. The USB Type-C charger is budget friendly as compared to Apple’s lightning charger.

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