Vikram-S, India’s first privately made rocket successfully launched

Vikram S-I

18 November 2022. This date will be written in golden letters in the history of India as this is the historic moment when India has finally taken a big step forward in the matter of private companies. A private company of India launched a rocket named Vikram S. The name of this private company is Skyroot Aerospace.

This is the first rocket launch inside the mission prarambh. In the future, you will see that there are many more variants of Vikram, whose payload will be very high for carrying, then tell that there will be a test of heavy weight too. But this is the flight, we will always remember the achievement of India.

In USA you will find NASA , NASA is a government organization, it comes under the government like ISRO wich is an Indian space organization in India. We can compare ISRO ISRO NASA, but USA has companies like Blue Origin apart from NASA, which are doing great feats these days. Even in China’s space sector, today there is a firm named as ispace and it is talking about something special and in France there’s a famous company called Arianespace though government have some take of it, But Primerly is a private company and in India, ISRO used to go to French private company to close the heavy settings and play their satellites in space, so our private sector of space has started taking the first step. Skyroot is the company that has launched the rocket. India has high hopes from this mission.

The skyroot aerospace has initiated as a startup in 2018.And so far the startup has received a total funding of $68 million,What will be its function? See the way ISRO earns foreign exchange by launching foreign satellites many times. Similarly, skyroot will also take international and domestic set light to space. There are also some other private space company in india but skyroot is currently on top of them.

This Vikram-s rocket is dedicated to Dr. Vikram sarabhai, the father of the Indian space science .

Height -20 m
Weight- 480kg
Altitude -500km
Orbital inclination -45.0° mass:

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