What Amazon do with exchanged phones?

refurbished phones or expchanged phones

As surprising as it may sound amazon resell exchanged phones as refurbished phones. The refurbished mobile phone market in India is worth 1.4k crores per annum growing at the rate of 30 – 40% annually.

The organized market (constituting majority of Flipkart and Amazon) though, contributes to less than 15% of this. As the ecosystem is Still in the nascent stage the online retailers to take help of offline channel to recover the value.

In the past 2 years however many refurbishments player has established world class facilities which has bought in some stability predictability and efficiency in the system.

This players have simultaneously work on building their value chain and retail network the online player sell the exchanged fonts to the vendors who eventually refurbished them and cell to customers through online channels like eBay Myntra Quikr etc. Or two retailers smaller vendors through offline channels their also a few B2B websites like electronic bazar that deal in refurb products.

The contribution of online players here to is not more than 20%

Does Amazon exchange phone with scratches?

Amazon will not accept a handset in exchange if it has any physical damage the idea being that exchange sets are ultimately canonicalized or sold as refurbished hence the handset accepted in exchange must be in saleable/working or harvestable condition that is without any scratches cracks discoloration sports lines that pixels or any other damage of any manner.

You can take your chances with the delivery executive’s perception and interpretation of Amazon’s exchange policy. Minor damage is often overlooked as it is part of the wear and tear (ageing) of the device.

So what you can do is book your favorite handset in the great Indian festival sale in exchange the delivery executive who brings your new handset will collect the old one so he will either exchange on the spot or decline the exchange.
Here you will just lose Rs 100 exchange fee if the delivery executive rejects on the other hand you got yourself a new handset with a great discount an exchange offer if he accepts!

Can you trade in a slightly damaged phone?

As far as our knowledge they are most concerned with the screen and that the phone boots. Minor scratches, dents etc are usually ignored as they comes in the category of wear- n- tear, which is expected in refurbished products though it may diminish the asking price to some extent.

Returns and exchange ( both with Amazon and Flipkart) is that some delivery executive are more finicky than others – which means they will inspect the return item very thoroughly and decline at the slightest damage, whereas most delivery executive’s will take a broader view of the rules and cast a precursory glance at the exchanged handset.

So give it a shot. Backup your phone, reset to factory settings and hand it over to the delivery executive. He will already be carrying your new handset, he will inspect the handset, and take a call on the spot. If he says YES, he will handover the new handset and retain your exchanged set, and if he says NO, you retain your old phone and lose Rs 100 exchange fee. you will have to go through the pain of restoring your apps and data.

Can I exchange not working phone on Amazon?

No, you can not exchange a phone that is not in working condition on amazon and the display screen should be intact and functional.

Is it safe to exchange mobile phone?

Yes absolutely, just do a hard reset before exchanging. May be some body will say that the data may be recoverable even after factory reset. Factory reset erases your data from the phone while data stored in your Google account can be restored.

Don’t just reset on normal settings but always factory reset your device when using it as in exchange offers in Flipkart Amazon or anywhere else
Google account is life for Android users if it get hack all your accounts from banking to online shopping can be compromised.

  1. Even if you have removed all the apps manually all the Google apps remain there there is a chance you may forget to sign out for your Google account.
  2. Even if you did logged out Google remembers devices you last logged in from so resetting your Google password from an known device makes it 100 times easier.

Trust me, you would not be wanting any of the two happening with you.

If that doesn’t change your mind, it clearly mentioned in the exchange policy to factory reset any device to be eligible for the exchange offer.

What to do before exchanging phone on Amazon/how do I clean my phone before exchange?

If you are exchanging your phone on Amazon make sure that your device and your sensitive data is wiped clean.
If you don’t do so your old device may lead you to unpleasant exposure or make you vulnerable to hackers.

A simple factory reset won’t completely erase all the data of your phone, and the new owner of the device might easily get your files, messages and photos even by restoring them.

  1. Remove your SIM card and any external storage.
  2. Delete all your saved passwords from your browser and apps. Un sync them from associated accounts.
  3. Log out your Google accounts – go to settings in users and accounts, and then click ‘remove’ (if you have a Samsung device, remove the accounts from your phone and tablet too).
  4. Remove any payment cards associated with your phone. Go to the Google Play Store app. Tap menu go to payment methods and more payment settings. Sign in to pay. Google.com if needed. Choose the payment method you want to remove and tap remove.
  5. Deactivate factory reset protection if your android device have 5.0 lollipop or later operating system. Your phone will definitely have Android device protection or factory reset protection. You will have to deactivate it- the new owner will not be able to use your phone.

If your phone came with an older operating system. You can skip to the next step. If you are unsure which version your phone is running. You can find that out by going to settings then about device/ phone then software info.

  1. Log out from Android beta if you have pixel or Nexus phones.
  2. Encrypt your data because a simple factory data reset can not completely wipe all the data from your phone, so anyone can easily recovered.
  3. Upload dummy data you can also upload junk data to your phone before factory reset for extra security. Just upload any few videos files or any other data to fill your storage this method will keep restoring the sensitive data already encrypted virtually impossible to decrypt.

What happens to phones that are returned?

Returned phones that are in salable condition are generally wiped and re- sold and the phones that are more damaged, their parts may used to refurbish phones.

Should I reset my phone before exchange in Amazon?

Yes, it is highly necessary, you should definitely reset your phones before exchanging them to Amazon Flipkart or anywhere else to avoid unpleasant exposure of your personal information.

Does Amazon do exchanges or just return?

Of course applicable products can be returned within the return window if you’ve received them in a physically damaged condition or missing parts or accessories or defective or different from their description provided on the product detail page on Amazon.

What is the process of exchange in Amazon?

Here are the steps to exchange your phone on Amazon.

  1. Firstly select the product you would like to purchase.
  2. Check the delivery address to check if exchange is available in your location.
  3. On the selected products detail page, search for with exchange or exchange your old phone / product option.

Can exchange wipe my iPhone?

Yes, if a native IOS or android mail application is connected to exchange and receive a wipe data command from exchange active sync, all the data on your device will be wiped, including photos, personal data and so on.

How do I verify my exchange on Amazon?

You should enter the exact condition of your phone while filling of details when placing the order with exchange and it will be validated by the delivery associate. You must delete all the personal data, sign out of your iCloud (IOS)/ Google (android) accounts, and remove any locked code or password.

How many times we can exchange on Amazon?

It depends on the return policy of the particular product. Generally, you can exchange only one time for a product on Amazon or Flipkart.

How long does an Amazon exchange take?

When the career receives your item it will take up to two weeks for them to receive and process your return some items can also take up to 30 days they typically process returns within 3-5 days after the career delivers the item to their return center.

what is better option exchanging your old phone with a new one in online exchange deals or selling your phone and buying a new one?

  1. how old is your phone.
  2. The condition of your phone.
  3. The age of your phone- if the phone you own ia very old say about 2 years you will almost always get a better value exchanging your device. This is because it is almost impossible to find a customer for a 2 year old phone unless it is an iPhone.
  4. These days almost all e- commerce websites are offering phone exchange offers. Earlier this was only available on specific months of the year and with only select phones.

    Now let’s talk about a newer device if you have a phone that is relatively new, say 6-7 months old. You will exchange prices on major e-commerce websites will be lower than expected. And you will find more customers who will be willing to pay a good amount if you list it on online.

    Now the condition of your phone.
    If your phone is too old or damaged or scratches are there on your phone no one will be willing to purchase your phone and if it happens you will not get the value you are expecting for.
    So it is better to exchange your old phone with a new one in online exchange deals.

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