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What is cryptocurrency ?

Cryptocurrency is digital currency and basically cryptocurrency is classified into subset of virtual currency and alternative currency, we use the cryptocurrency for secure transaction,control the additional unit and much more.

What is Jio Coins?

Jio is now planning to launch its own digital cryptocurrency for india which is also same like Bitcoin and other available cryptocurrency,you might be glad to know this cryptocurrency is legal in india,and you can earn a lots jio coin when it will launch.

Jio coin Cryptocurrency will be India’s first Digital currencty and also it is legal crypto currency for india, and Reliance JIO is willing to bring in indian market.In the direction of Moving India Cashless, now reliance jio centers in the market capital of finance . Recently in india its much trend of differnt cryptocurrency trading.

This cryptocurrency is exchange with different cryptocurrency like Ripple,Ethirium,Bitcoin,Litecoin etc.

You must know about jio coins and process of earning jio coin step by step procedure which is made by GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY UPDATES.

How you can buy Jio Coins in india ?

If you want to buy JIO coins and you didn’t know best place where you can buy so don’t worry here we have displayed some step, follow these to buy jio coins-

Basically JIO coins lauch date has not been announced by jio yet.here is process of buy jio coins you may follow

1] Go to Jio Coin portal and check for the Jio Tokens if it available.

2] After when JIO Tokens will launch, you need to invest in Jio coin by buying some Jio tokens.

3] For invest you need some important documents.

4] If you are an indian so you need to follow these some step to buy Jio coins.

(i) You can use Jio Money of Jio wallet.
(ii) You can use NEFT method to convert cash into JIO cryptocurrency.
(iii) You can use Paytm wallet.
(iv) You can use Paytm gateway.

5] You will have to get the receipt after making payment Jio Coin token.

What are requirements for buying Jio Coins?

If you have some important documents so you are eligible to buy JIO COINS-

(1) You need to Aadhaar Card linked to JIO number and Back account.
(2) Submit a copy of your bank account passbook.
(3) Submit PAN Card.
(4) Provide Proof of date and address.
(5) You need to have KYC updated to buy JIO COINS

There are various types of cryptocurrency are available at this moment, and in india some of the bitcoin wallet and bitcoin exchanges are as follows-

Local Bitcoin

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